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Storm Ready

StormReady is a recognition program started in 1999 by the National Weather Service to help arm America's communities and Universities with the communication and safety skills needed to save lives and property–before and during an event.  StormReady Universities are better prepared to save lives from the onslaught of severe weather through advanced planning, education, awareness efforts and effective warning systems. No University is storm proof, but meeting the StormReady criteria can help save lives.



Surveys conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimate that asbestos-containing materials can be found in approximately 31,000 schools and 733,000 other public and commercial buildings in this country.  ECU is no exception.  Although ECU has to deal with asbestos-containing building material (ACBM), we are proud of our team-oriented, integrated approach to managing this potentially harmful material.


Like managing any potentially harmful material, managing asbestos required everyone's involvement.  Everyone should take the time to become aware of the hazards associated with asbestos and then take measures to protect themselves and others from harm.  The intent of this webpage is to provide staff, faculty and students with basic information regarding asbestos safety.


Asbestos Awareness:

Asbestos Awareness Program
Locations of Asbestos on Campus
ECU Asbestos Management Program
EPA Asbestos Site


Asbestos Awareness Presentation