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Environmental Health & Safety Considerations For Events

East Carolina University hosts or sponsors many public assembly events ("Events"). Events include any gathering for deliberation, worship, entertainment, eating, drinking, amusement and similar uses including, but not limited to, meetings, conferences, commencement, athletic contests, political rallies, and similar assembly functions. Persons attending an Event ("Participants") may be members of the campus community, members of the public, or a combination of both. The well-being of all Participants is critical to the success of these Events. 

Environmental health and safety requirements have been developed to help ensure safe and orderly Events. Events must comply with the "Environmental Health & Safety Considerations for Events Guide", and all other applicable laws, policies, rules and regulations concerning Event safety.

This may not be an exhaustive guide, so please contact EH&S at 252-328-6166 or for additional information.

Reference Documents: