Industrial Hygiene Program


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The Industrial Hygiene Program involves the assessment and control of physical, chemical, biological and environmental hazards that could result in injury or diseases. The program also covers areas such as chemical exposure monitoring, medical surveillance, indoor air quality and mold investigation; personal protective equipment etc. The goal of the program is to protect and promote the health and safety of ECU faculty, staff, students and visitors. It is also aimed at providing a safe and comfortable environment for academic activities.

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety, through its Industrial Hygiene staff, routinely conducts hazard assessments and provides recommendations to control hazards in the University. Staff also ensures compliance with applicable regulatory standards in implementing elements of the Industrial Hygiene program.

To learn more about industrial hygiene including the scope of its activities, please watch the short video provided.

For specific program elements, please visit the links provided. Questions can be directed to Environmental Health and Safety at or 252.328.6166