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Tents and Canopies

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All tents over 400 square feet (with sides) or in excess of 700 square feet (without sides) erected on ECU property must be permitted by the North Carolina State Construction Office (NCSCO).  To assist departments in compliance with this requirement, EH&S will serve as intermediary between the department and the NCSCO.

For any event using tents or membrane structures the NC Fire Prevention Code (NCSFC) requires the project to be evaluated for fire and life safety and a permit to be obtained.  For all State-owned property State Construction Office (SCO) is responsible for the evaluation and granting of a permit.  EH&S will conduct a preliminary review and submit the application(s) to NCSCO for review/approval.  EH&S will then provide notification to the applicant regarding status of the permit.

Tent Review/Approval Process

  • Obtain authorization for use of space where tent will be erected.  Requests for the use of East Carolina University Outdoor Facilities are to be submitted at  To request use of an outdoor University facility requires completion of the information of the person submitting the request and information regarding the activity planned for the outdoor space.  Any organization, individual, or company affiliated with the university and wishing to use outdoor facilities must submit an Outdoor Reservation Request Form online.  Depending on the outdoor space requested, the submitted form will be reviewed by the appropriate party responsible for approving and scheduling the use of the requested outdoor space.
  • Submit tent permit application and required support documentation to EH&S at  At least 30 day advance notification is recommended.  If plans are not submitted soon enough to allow reasonable time for evaluation and approval, the event may not be approved and must be either rescheduled or canceled. 
  • EH&S will conduct a preliminary review in consultation with Facilities Services and Disability Support Services. 
  • EH&S will submit application and support documentation to the North Carolina State Construction Office (NCSCO).  
  • Upon obtaining satisfactory evidence that the proposed tent will be in accordance with minimum Code requirements, NCSCO will issue a permit in the form of a signed approval letter (or an E-mail).EH&S will provide notification to the applicant regarding status of the permit.
  • Event organizer must assure that tent is erected in accordance with parameters of the approved permit.  Unapproved variances may result in cancellation of the event.

Tent Permit Application

Required Support Documentation

  • Certificate of Flame Resistance for the tent (available from tent vendor)
  • Floor plan showing seating/table arrangements including number of occupants
  • A site plan showing location, 20 feet separation from other structures, and Fire Department vehicular access within 150 feet.

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact EH&S at 328-6166.

Tent Guidelines  

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