Office of
Innovation and Economic Development

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About Us

Leveraging ECU's Resources for Economic Success

The Office of Innovation and Economic Development brings the considerable resources of the University to task in helping communities and companies throughout North Carolina address the critical challenges of competitiveness and economic development.

As the state's third largest and fastest growing university, ECU is a catalyst for economic growth throughout the region, and our multi-faceted office is the strategic focal point for external organizations to access the university's intellectual and physical assets. We provide information, technical assistance, and problem solving services to facilitate the implementation of economic development plans and programs in the region.

Our office and its activities:

  • Serve our faculty, students, alumni, and corporate and community partners by fostering connections to the programs, services, and networks that support innovation and economic growth, both within and outside the University.
  • Promote local, state and regional economic development, support technology development and commercialization, and facilitate the creation of economic partnerships.
  • Match the university's intellectual and physical assets with the needs of communities, local and state governments, economic development organizations, non-profits, and businesses to advance community development and private sector productivity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
  • Provide applied research and technical assistance to local governments, economic development organizations, non-profits, and businesses with particular emphasis given to economically distressed areas in eastern North Carolina.
  • Increase professional and leadership development opportunities for economic development professionals, economic development organization governing boards, and local government representatives.
  • Preserve the distinguished academic reputation of East Carolina University.
Fostering economic growth and improving quality of life for North Carolinians through research, education and outreach is our mission. In today's knowledge-driven economy, we are committed to engaging industry, government, and community groups to identify solutions that ECU is uniquely positioned to address.


J. Ted Morris, Ph.D.
Associate Vice Chancellor of
Engagement, Innovation and
Economic Development