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Revolving Education Around Partnerships (REAP)
simulationLearningREAP is a developmental daycare program at East Carolina University begun in 1969 by the Developmental Evaluation Clinic. It was then continued by the College of Education's Special Education program area beginning in 1974. The program serves preschool children with special needs ranging from two through five years of age. The purpose of REAP is twofold. First, the individually tailored program provides direct educational and related services to preschool children with mental retardation and other special needs. The program provided to the children at REAP addresses all areas of a child's development. The individually tailored program addresses language, social, gross, fine motor skills, and daily living tasks. Second, the REAP staff provides supervision for students completing course requirements for observation, practicum, student teaching, internship, and certification in preschool handicapped. Families are an integral part of the REAP total program. Families participate in a variety of activities such as classroom assistance, volunteering, educational program planning conferences, observations, Parent Partners Group home visits, and other special events. REAP is recognized as a model for educating young children with disabilities and as a site for research projects in this most critical area of special education.