Office of
Innovation and Economic Development

Igniting Innovation: The Innovation Design Lab

The Innovation Design Lab (IDL) is a collaborative vortex where industrial design, business, engineering and graphic design merge to produce unprecedented solutions to complex product development challenges and is a starting point from which creative impulses are indulged, risk taking is encouraged, and innovation is ignited. Researchers, inventors and businesses conceive and develop sustainable new product design concepts in ways they never before imagined.

The IDL sets the stage for breakthrough thinking and the advancement of new knowledge, technologies and products. A best-in-class facility, the IDC is designed to fuel transdisciplinary innovation research and education to:

•   Enhance the innovation capacity and competitiveness of NC’s firms;
•   Build regional networks to generate advanced manufacturing opportunities;
•   Foster creativity and entrepreneurship on campus and throughout the region;
•   Support team-based education that creates entrepreneurs on the cutting edge
     of new product development;
•   Build an innovation culture that values creativity, risk-taking and disciplined implementation.

With its main facility at ECU and a satellite lab at NC State University, the state-of-the-art IDL creates inventive solutions to multidisciplinary problems through advanced design methods, prototyping and testing. ECU and NC State collaborate on numerous IDL projects, with ECU providing expertise and NCSU providing access to companies seeking design innovation assistance. Collaborations with industry lead to product generation and improvement, and industry contributes to the sustained operation of the IDL.

The IDC will feature:
•   Mac Pro workstations with 3D graphic cards, graphics tablets and large displays
•   Professional three-dimensional animation software (Maya, MudBox, MotionBuilder,
     3DSMax and Cinema 4D)
•   Professional three-dimensional cad-cam software (SolidWorks and Rhino)
•   Professional two-dimensional design and photographic software
     (Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection)
•  Professional video editing software (FinalCut Pro and Logic Studio)
•  Three-dimensional scanning and photographic software (NextEngine and Foto3D)
•  Document Video Camera with network capability (WolfVision)
•  Large format two-dimensional positive and negative scanning (Epson Flatbed)
•  Three-dimensional rapid prototyping (Z Printer 450)
•  Video Conferencing (PolyCom)

Wayne Godwin, Director
Innovation Design Lab