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Center for Municipal Management and Innovation

The ECU Center for Municipal Management and Innovation (Municipal Center) leverages the resources and expertise of East Carolina University's faculty, staff and students on behalf of small, low wealth, limited resource and limited capacity municipalities in eastern North Carolina. Acknowledging that many eastern municipalities lack adequate staff and administrative capacity to effectively respond to the basic fiscal, policy and programmatic needs of their citizens; we conclude that effective day to day management and delivery of public services have become extremely difficult for these units of local government. By proactively targeting these communities with direct technical assistance that helps provide capacity in administrative management, policy analysis, strategic planning and program development, the University assists in building communities that are more fiscally responsible, more economically viable, and more capable of effectively delivering public services. The Municipal Center is a model outreach effort that engages faculty, staff and students from all relevant colleges, schools and administrative units at ECU. Our commitment to collaboration includes input and guidance from external partners that include funding agencies, state and local government organizations, other universities and the participating municipalities.

Kenny Flowers, Director
Municipal Management
and Innovation