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Permit Upgrade Lottery!!!

Parking & Transportation Services has been conducting a lottery to allow students who have a student zone permit (A2, B2, B4, C2, and D) to temporarily upgrade their permit! 

Students who have a permit are chosen based on a completely random process each week and will be given the opportunity to receive a free upgrade to their permit for one week, allowing them to park in any A, B, or C zone during their assigned week.  The upgrades are non-transferable and do not carry over to another week.  Winners are notified by e-mail the week before their assigned upgrade week, so be sure to check your e-mail, you may be next!

Winners List!

Upgraded Monthly

May 2010:

  • Megan H. Lee
  • Casey L. Darnell
  • Meaghan Dyer
  • Anja L. Chillemi
  • Mackenzie E. Gibbons

April 2010:

  • Anthony R. Smith
  • Miranda H. Esposito
  • Jennifer W. Gaines
  • Jenna E. Conway
  • Kendrick J. Britton
  • Jacob M. Wilhelm
  • Brittany L. Joyner
  • Eric Parker
  • Stephanie M. Peloquin
  • George R. Thornton
  • Matthew S. Howard
  • Emily W. Reep
  • Elyse M. Ritson
  • Christian C. Warren
  • Zachary K. Whiteside
  • Cory C. Jameson
  • Tyghe J. Mullin
  • Katie M. McEwen
  • Colleen C. Estes
  • Michelle H. Larson

March 2010:

  • Ina M. Johnson
  • Lisha C. Barefoot
  • Brandon C. Price
  • Lindsie A. Webster
  • Daniel C. Myers
  • Leah M. Winwood
  • Jennifer E. Schmidt
  • Justin L. Adams
  • Kristian S. Asbell
  • Rachel P. Helms
  • Nistosha D. Murray
  • Jacob R. Corum
  • Vincent J. Olivere
  • Julian M. Montaquila
  • William L. Atherton
  • Shelby L. Evans
  • Shantel L. Gibbs
  • Wayne A. Rummings Jr.
  • Annie L. Slye
  • David B. Satterfield 

February 2010:

  • Zachary G. Willets
  • Lavashia S. Hudson
  • Kyle A. Chase
  • Constance M. King
  • Shalanda McEachern
  • Katherine Tunstall
  • Chelsea J. DeMonch
  • Ronnie T. Johnson, Jr.
  • Gary C. Gaines, II
  • Anna H. Lawrence
  • Jeffrey E. Cunningham
  • Jaclyn E. Smith
  • Hannah Z. Stafford
  • Kristy Jo Cook
  • Alison Robertson