ECU Parking and Transportation Services



Pirate BikeShare Program

East Carolina University Parking and Transportation Services is happy to Introduce “Pirate BikeShare”. This program that will be rolling out on April 1, 2011, is being developed for Students to increase options for mobility around the East Carolina University campus without the use of an automobile.

With the Pirate BikeShare program, interested individuals will come to the Parking and Transportation Office at 305 East 10th Street and complete a form to enter the program. At that time the individual will pay a $10 administration fee. They will receive a key that will unlock ANY of the locks to the Purple and Gold bikes attached to the 5 Pirate BikeShare bike racks. These 5 signed purple bike racks are located across the ECU Core and College Hill areas. These locations are:

·         East of Todd Dining Hall (College Hill)

·         North of Christenbury

·         West of Austin

·         West of Rawl

·         North of Mendenhall Student Center

When a bike is needed, the individual will go to one of the racks, unlock a bike and ride it to their desired location and attach it to another of the Purple racks in the program. This will ensure that you and others in the program can continue to enjoy the program.

            Information/ Questions regarding the program should be submitted to the TDM program (parking Also please make contact if bikes are noticed in locations other that the 5 program racks.