ECU Parking and Transportation Services



C Zone Faculty and Staff Permit Elimination

In an effort to provide consistency in parking lot zoning for off of core campus locations and to follow the guideline for C Zone Parking requiring transit service, Parking & Transportation will be making the following change:

  • Locations currently zoned for C1 permits will be changed to B1 designations during the summer of 2010.
  • B1, B3 and B5 permit prices will not increase for 2010-2011 due to this change in lot designations.
  • A majority of the current C1 areas are located in close proximity to shops and offices occupied by Staff of the University.  The areas impacted by this modification are the Facilities Departments located along 14th Street, the Curry Court Area, the Athletic Ticket Office Area, the West Research Campus and the Harris Building.
  • For those entities who have student workers in these locations a request for the student(s) can be made by the department for the student.  If approved, the student must first have a valid ECU parking permit, then they will receive a “free” lot specific provisional permit while they are working for the department.  This permit will be valid during that current semester.  If the student continues employment from semester to semester then a request must be re-submitted at the start of the new semester.