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How to Appeal Tickets


If you received a parking citation at East Carolina University, you have two options to resolve the situation: (1) appeal the citation (through Pirate Port) or (2) pay the citation. If you are a guest to the University, you will need to create a guest account before submitting your appeal. If you are unable to appeal online please obtain a written appeal form, which you may acquire from our office located at 305 E. 10th Street.

The appeal process was established by the university to provide the person receiving a parking violation an avenue of appeal when requested. Any person receiving a parking violation who feels the citation is not in accordance with ECU Parking Rules and Regulations has the right to submit an appeal online or in writing. The appeal must be submitted within 10 business days from the issue date of the citation.

You are not required to pay the citation before submitting an initial appeal. If you do pay the citation and your appeal is approved, a refund will be processed. If you paid the citation via the Web, the refund will be processed back on the card used; if you paid the citation at our office with a credit card, you will need to bring that credit card in to our office and the refund will be processed. If you paid with cash or check, you will need to come in to our office and fill out a refund card and the refund will be mailed to your permanent address in 3-4 weeks. Please note: You are only permitted to submit 4 online appeals per academic year. If the appeal is denied, you are responsible for paying the fine or you may request to appear before the Citation Appeals Committee by emailing:

****Note: Effective August 1, 2016 you will be required to prepay a citation before submitting a request to appear before the Appeals Committee. If the Committee rules in your favor, a refund will be processed based on the way in which you prepaid the citation:

  • If you paid with a credit card online, a refund will be processed back on to the same card - usually within 2-3 business days. If you paid with a credit card in our office, you will need to bring that card back in to our office for verification purposes, then a refund will be processed back on to that card - usually within 2-3 business days.
  • If you paid with cash or check in our office, you will need to return to our office to fill out a refund slip. Cash and check refunds typically take 5-10 business days to process. Once processed, a refund will be mailed to the permanent address on file - usually within 3-4 weeks.

Appeals WILL only be considered for the following (2) reasons:

  • The vehicle was not in violation of university parking regulations at the time of citation
  • A circumstance beyond the operator's control placed the vehicle in violation 

The appeal should present substantial or valid evidence that the parking violation was not committed, or that the occurrence was due to circumstances beyond your control. The appeal process is not a venue for criticisms, complaints or policy debates.

Appeals WILL NOT be considered for the following reasons:

  • Lack of knowledge of regulations, for example, new to campus or have not reviewed regulations
  • Other vehicles were parked improperly
  • Only parked illegally for a short period of time
  • Fire lane violation
  • Late to class or appointment (including dropping off assignments)
  • Inability to pay fine
  • Someone else was driving your vehicle
  • No other place to park
  • Overtime parking at meters or pay station, including parking at malfunctioning meter
  • Failure to notify Parking Services when a vehicle is inoperable
  • Forgetting to display a valid parking permit
  • Parking in a Reserved space without proper permit
  • Stated failure of enforcement staff to ticket previously for same offense
  • Lack of knowledge of an event parking notification because you didn't check your email
  • Vehicle parked in Patient Parking when not being seen as a patient (ECU employees/students and Vidant employees are asked to contact P&T to get clearance for their vehicle if being seen as a patient)

ECU Faculty/Staff/Students

  1. Type your Pirate ID and passphrase in the appropriate boxes once Pirate Port pops up
  2. Click on the Tools tab or on the little car icon in the purple navigation bar at the top
  3. If you click on the Tools tab, then click on the Parking & Transportation link under the Applications section
  4. Under Your Parking Account, click on the option to "Appeal citations"
  5. Enter information from ticket and click "Search"
  6. Once the ticket pops up, click on it and fill in all of the information you are prompted to enter


  1. Follow this link: To create a Guest Account
  2. Once the website pops up under the Guest Login, the first little paragraph you see in italics will give two options highlighted in purple: create one and retrieve your lost information
  3. Click on the appropriate link for your needs
  4. If creating a new account, click on create one and create a unique user ID for yourself and fill in all of your information; click "Create account"
  5. Do not click on the "Home" button.  Instead, click on the Proceed to log into your new account
  6. Enter your password and click "Log In" (the user ID you created should automatically pop up in the user ID box)
  7. Towards the middle of the screen under Parking Main, the fourth link down is the option to "Appeal Citation", click on it and follow it through

**Note:  If you do not receive an appeal confirmation receipt shortly after submitting the payment, then it did not go through. 

Under normal circumstances, you will receive a judgment decision within 2-3 business days via the email you provided after submitting the appeal.  If no email is provided, then a letter will be mailed.  The following is a list/explanation of the appeal judgment decisions that you will see after an appeal has been processed:

  • Appeal Denied - Citation Upheld: appeal was denied and the citation still has to be paid by the date shown below the amount due or a late fee will be added on
  • Appeal Upheld - Citation Dismissed: appeal was approved and no further action is needed; if the appeal is granted, but the appellant prepaid the citation, a refund check will be issued and received within 3 to 4 weeks
  • Fine Reduced - Unpaid/Paid: the citation's fine has been reduced and any remaining balance is due if not already paid; if prepaid, then a refund check will be issued and received within 3 to 4 weeks.

Parking Citation Appeals Committee


The Parking Citation Appeals Committee serves as a mediator between Parking and Transportation and individuals that dispute appeal decisions that have been made by Parking and Transportation.  Parking and Transportation affords every person the opportunity to appeal up to four citations they have received in an academic year.


Individuals complete the appeal online via Pirate Port and it is forwarded to Parking and Transportation's appeals coordinator.  An appeal decision is based upon information the individual states in the appeal, the individuals' parking history and the number of times Parking and Transportation has addressed the same violation with the individual.  Should an individual wish to dispute an appeal decision that was made by Parking and Transportation, they may request in writing to appear before the Citation Appeals Committee.  An email can be sent to The Citation Appeals Committee acts as a mediator between the individual and Parking and Transportation.  They review the initial appeal, the appeal decision that was made by Parking and Transportation and hear any additional information from the appellant.  Based on the information they receive, the Citation Appeals Committee renders a final decision on the appeal. 

If Parking and Transportation is uncomfortable making a decision on an appeal, they may present it to the committee to render a decision without the individual present.  This may occur when an individual has been excessively hostile either in person or in the written appeal.


Committee members represent diverse areas of the campus community and contribute viewpoints from their perspective.  The committee members include:

  • four faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate,
  • two staff members appointed by the Staff Senate,
  • one staff or faculty member appointed by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences,
  • one student who lives on-campus appointed by the staff/faculty advisor of the Resident Hall Association, and
  • one student who lives off-campus appointed by the staff/faculty advisor of the Student Government Association.

Please note that only two faculty members are required to attend each meeting.  Members are appointed to a one year term.  Meetings are held twice a month during the Fall and Spring semesters.  No formal minutes are kept for these meetings.  The appeals coordinator maintains a Citation Appeals Committee Meeting Record (form) of the decisions that the Citation Appeals Committee has made, along with any information that was presented to the appeals committee.  In order to maintain privacy of the individual, no copies of any information given to the Citation Appeals Committee for review are kept by committee members.  This information is filed in the appeals coordinators' office in the Parking and Transportation Services building.

**The decision rendered by the Citation Appeals Committee is final. Failure to appear at the scheduled time before the Committee will result in an automatic final denial decision. If a reschedule of an appellant is necessary, then the appellant needs to notify the appeals coordinator via email. Only one reschedule is permitted. Appearances before the Citation Appeals Committee must be made in person. If circumstances prevent you from appearing in person for your scheduled meeting with the Committee, we can present your case to the Committee on your behalf.