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Billing & Fees


Enterprise Billing and Fees

Enterprise charges are incurred based on either a daily, weekly, or monthly rate. Please see chart below.

Vehicle Class Daily Rental Weekly Rental Monthly Rental
Economy/Compact $31.30 $156.51 $626.05
Midsize/Standard $33.20 $166.00 $664.01
Full-size $35.79 $178.94 $715.78
Premium/Luxury $59.30 $296.48 $1,185.93
Standard Hybrid $47.37 $236.85 $947.40
Mini-Van $53.72 $268.62 $1,074.48
Sm/Med SUV $54.77 $273.85 $1,095.39
Large SUV $84.63 $423.15 $1,692.91
Small Truck $48.89 $244.46 $963.40
Medium Truck $53.05 $265.27 $1,061.08
12 Passenger Van $100.91 $505.96 $2,018.23
15 Passenger Van $109.00    

If using a ProCard, charges will appear on your monthly statements and you must have payment receipt attached for documentation. Please note: ProCard must be in the name of the driver of the vehicle (ex. if reservation is in the name of John Doe as driver, and reservation is made using ProCard, then the name on the ProCard must be John Doe).  An employee may not use their ProCard for a reservation for another person.  If the person driving does not possess a ProCard, then they must the Direct Billing reservation system and provide department Fund and Org.

If using Direct Billing, Parking and Transportation will receive an invoice from Enterprise showing rental charges. We will then submit the charges from the FOAP provided during the reservation, which will then charge the department for travel.

Enterprise will not charge to cancel your reservation. Rentals will not be charged or billed until the rental agreement originates at the time of pick-up. No additional fees will be applied for an extension of your rental. If the vehicle is returned early, the renter/department will only be charged for the actual length of the rental.