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Billing & Fees


Use of a Central Motor Pool vehicle incurs a cost to the department based on the rates for state vehicles assigned through the NC Department of Administration.  The Central Motor Pool charges $.05 per mile above the current rate assigned by the NC DOA.

Charges are incurred based on either a daily rate or a per-mile rate, whichever is greater.  Daily rates are used when the average daily mileage is less than 60 miles per day.

Current Vehicle Rates - Effective January 1, 2012

Vehicle Type Per Day Per Mile
Mid-Size Sedan $21.00 $0.35
Full-Size Sedan $24.60 $0.41
Mini-Van $22.80 $0.38

The Central Motor Pool bills departments for state vehicle usage on a monthly basis.  Charges are posted in the month following the scheduled travel.  A notification of departmental charges is sent to each department before any charges are posted in order to check for discrepancies and to keep for their records.

Cancellation Fees

If a department fails utilize a state vehicle for which they are scheduled or if the department cancels a reservation after the cancellation cut-off time period, then a fee may be incurred.  Cancellations need to be made at least 24 hours before the Travel Packet is available for pickup.

If a vehicle reservation is canceled within the time period between the set cancellation cut-off and the first day of the scheduled travel, then a $10.00 Late Cancellation Fee may be assigned and charged to the department during the normal billing process.

If a vehicle is canceled on the first day of the scheduled travel or the vehicle is not picked up or cancellation notice given, then a fee based on the daily rate for the assigned vehicle may be assigned and charged to the department during the normal billing process.

Attention: As of April 9, 2015, there will be NO food or drinks permitted in state vehicles. Vehicles will be checked after each trip and your department can be charged a fee of $200 to cover the administrative costs, labor costs, and cleaning costs. Thank you for helping us ensure a clean vehicle for all our customers.