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Post Date: August 26, 2013:

Game Day Parking

Map of Lots closed during Football games

During all home football games, the Resident Remote lot on Curry Court and the lots around Belk-Health and Human Performance will be closed and designated for the NON-STUDENT Pirate Club. To accommodate the lot's D permit holders, Parking and Transportation will allow these D permit holders to park in other lots/zones. ALL cars must begin relocating starting at 3pm on Friday, August 30, 2013. All cars must be out of the Curry Court lot by 5pm Friday, August 30, 2013. All cars must be out of these lots by the appropriate time stated above for each lot, or they will be relocated by a towing establishment. D permits may park in any A or B zone on main campus. Exceptions are indicated in red on the map above - these areas will be reserved for ADA (handicapped) accommodation and the STUDENT Pirate Club during the game.

If you are a member of the STUDENT Pirate Club and have a D permit, you still have to move your car out of the Curry Court lot since that lot is reserved for the Non-Student Pirate Club. You will relocate your car to the Student Pirate Club lot at the bottom of College Hill that is indicated in the appropriate red area on the map above. There is a separate Student Pirate Club permit that is required to be displayed in order to park in the reserved Student Pirate Club lot on the bottom of College Hill. This permit is NOT given to Student Pirate Club members by our office. The permit must be obtained from the Athletics Department. Their number is 737-4540 and ask for Jared Brinkley.

As always, students also cannot park in any other reserved, ADA spaces (handicapped spaces) unless authorized by our office, maintenance/service areas, no parking zones or fire zones, and meters must be kept activated.

If you have any questions about the Curry Court D-zone parking relocation, please do not hesitate to call our office at 328-6294 or email us at parking@ecu.edu

If you have questions about parking at the actual stadium (Minges Coliseum lots)during the game, please visit the Athletic Department's website for more information.



During home football games, there's a few things ECU Parking & Transportation would like to remind all College Hill Residents and/or their visitors in regards to parking before Kickoff. Kickoff is at 7:00pm so at 4:00pm on Saturday, August 31, 2013 expect to see the following to happen:

  • The Greenville Police Department will block the road between Charles Boulevard and Elm Street (14th Street) to all traffic as well as the entrance to College Hill Drive from 10th Street. This means that the portion of 14th Street from Charles Blvd to Elm Street and both the entrances and exits to the College Hill area will be inaccessible to ANY incoming traffic. Cars will be allowed to exit the area, but they will NOT be allowed to get back in - even if they have a permit!!!
  • Due to space availability, no visitor permits will be sold for the A2 College Hill area. Visitors may park free of charge in the B2 zones on Reade Street.

Student Pirate Club

The B1 lot at the bottom of College Hill is designated for the Student Pirate Club. If you are a STUDENT Pirate Club member, then you must obtain a STUDENT Pirate Club permit from the Pirate Club office and have it properly displayed on your car in order park in the B1 lot at the bottom of College Hill on Saturday, August 31, 2013. Pirate Club members can contact Jared Brinkley at 737-4540 to obtain permits.



Post Date: August 19, 2013:

Members of the ECU Community,

The construction initiated this summer in the core of ECU’s main campus will continue throughout the fall semester. That includes the closing of a portion of Founder’s Drive, the removal of the parking lot at the base of Wright Plaza, and the installation of landscaping and a wide, shared-use path for use by bikers and pedestrians. During this time, fences and barricades will remain in place to restrict access to the work site.

The fences are intended to keep everyone out of the construction area for their own safety. Entering these areas is considered trespassing and ECU Police will enforce this to maintain safety if necessary. We understand the construction is inconvenient, but it is necessary to improve pedestrian safety on campus.

Also, we ask that drivers not drop off passengers on Founders Drive in order to minimize traffic and clear the way for delivery, service and emergency vehicles. Drop-offs are a violation of our parking rules and will also be enforced to help minimize congestion and maintain safety in these areas. We ask for your cooperation during this challenging fall construction period.

For more information about the master plan projects under way, visit http://www.ecu.edu/news/foundersconstruction.cfm

Thank you,

Bill Koch
Associate Vice Chancellor
Environmental Health & Campus Safety

**Please click here to view a map of the construction open and closed entry ways.


Post Date: August 14, 2013:

Master Plan Pedestrian Project
10th Street and Founders Drive

As you are aware, the University initiated a project over the summer to improve pedestrian and bicycle traffic near our high volume pedestrian areas. These areas were identified by our campus community during the master plan process as problem areas. These projects are designed to reduce pedestrian-vehicular conflicts and make our campus safer.

As we have observed the areas around the construction project in preparation for fall semester and the significantly higher volumes of pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle traffic expected, we have identified some additional safety concerns and made modifications as necessary. Most of these changes were minor and are not worth mentioning, but one will have a significant impact so we want to alert you to it.

Although we tried to maintain the use of the Flanagan/Slay lot, our observations over the less active summer have revealed some safety issues related to this area that will only increase when classes begin. After careful consideration and discussion, it was determined that the Flanagan/Slay lot and the rest of Founder’s Drive to 10th Street will need to be closed until the project is completed at the end of the fall semester. Emergency, delivery, and service vehicles will still be permitted to pass through this area, but general traffic will not.

Fortunately, we recently acquired the former Wendy’s on 10th Street and that lot will now be available to A permit holders, which should help relieve some parking stress. We have also made accommodations for additional ADA spaces and Student Health Services patient spaces in the Umstead lot. See map by clicking here. Individuals with disabilities in need of additional information should contact Liz Johnston, ADA Coordinator at (252) 737-1016.

We apologize for this disruption and added inconvenience but we are confident that these temporary changes will prove to create a safer environment during this Master Plan project. Let’s all work together through this challenging fall semester and look forward to a much improved campus in spring.

If you would like to learn more about other innovations included in Parking & Transportation’s concurrent Master Plan, then you can click on the “Transit, Parking, and Pedestrian” link on the ECU Master Plan’s website: www.ecu.edu/masterplan.