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Post Date: January 28, 2014:

Due to the inclement weather and the anticipated amount of accumulating snow please leave your vehicle in the zone associated with your permit. Vehicles will not be allowed to move into the core campus lots until the weather has cleared and campus resumes normal schedule. The A1 and B1 zones will be closed to allow the university to clear snow and resume normal business operations as soon as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Post Date: January 15, 2014:

ATTENTION: Towing Warning

It has been brought to our office’s attention that several A2 permit holders that have been displaced due to the demolition of Belk Residence Hall are unable to find other available parking spaces in their A2 zone because D permits are occupying these spaces. Our office would like to remind all D permit holders that they are not permitted to park in the A2 and B2 zones until the weekends starting at 5pm on Friday and must return back to the D lot by 7am Monday morning. All D permits need to immediately return to their respective zone as the A2 and B2 zones will be heavily monitored for their presence. Please note that those in violation will be subject for immediate towing.

If you should have any questions or concerns, you may contact the Parking & Transportation office at 328-6294 or by email at parking@ecu.edu

Thank you for your cooperation.


Post Date: January 10, 2014:

ATTENTION: Lot Closure for Demolition

As you know, East Carolina University is undergoing development projects throughout the campus community. One such development project, the demolition of Belk Residence Hall, is scheduled to begin on Monday, January 13, 2014. While the A2 parking lots surrounding Belk dorm will be closed due to the demolition, the newest A2 lot along 14th Street will remain open. A2 permits will also continue to be allowed to park in the B2 or D zones.

Parking & Transportation would like to thank you for your cooperation as we work with the changes that are happening for the betterment of our university.


Post Date: January 10, 2014:

Master Plan Pedestrian Project

10th Street and Founders Drive: 2nd UPDATE

In August of last year, Parking & Transportation informed the ECU community that the Flanagan/Slay lot and Founder’s Drive off 10th Street had to be closed due to safety concerns while some of the Master Plan’s Pedestrian Construction Project was underway. Please reference the original post below and view the updated map here.

Parking & Transportation would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding while we worked around the safety issue concerns during that construction project. After reconfiguring the lot for pedestrian safety, we are now pleased to announce that the Flanagan/Slay lot will Re-Open on Monday, January 13, 2014! Since this lot will re-open, the Umstead lot that was used to relocate Student Health parking and additional ADA spaces will revert back to a Pay by Space only lot. That means that Al permit holders will officially no longer be allowed to park in the Umstead lot as of Tuesday, January 21, 2014.

In addition, only A1 permit holders, service/maintenance vehicles, emergency vehicles and Student Health Services patients can enter Founders Drive from 10th Street and access the Flanagan/Slay lot. All other vehicles, including drop-offs, are prohibited from Founders Drive (10th Street Entrance) and the Flanagan/Slay lot.

We hope that you are as excited about the re-opening as we are, and if you should have any further questions or concerns then please feel free to contact our office.

(contents of original post in 8/2013)

Master Plan Pedestrian Project
10th Street and Founders Drive

As you are aware, the University initiated a project over the summer to improve pedestrian and bicycle traffic near our high volume pedestrian areas. These areas were identified by our campus community during the master plan process as problem areas. These projects are designed to reduce pedestrian-vehicular conflicts and make our campus safer.

As we have observed the areas around the construction project in preparation for fall semester and the significantly higher volumes of pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle traffic expected, we have identified some additional safety concerns and made modifications as necessary. Most of these changes were minor and are not worth mentioning, but one will have a significant impact so we want to alert you to it.

Although we tried to maintain the use of the Flanagan/Slay lot, our observations over the less active summer have revealed some safety issues related to this area that will only increase when classes begin. After careful consideration and discussion, it was determined that the Flanagan/Slay lot and the rest of Founder’s Drive to 10th Street will need to be closed until the project is completed at the end of the fall semester. Emergency, delivery, and service vehicles will still be permitted to pass through this area, but general traffic will not.

Fortunately, we recently acquired the former Wendy’s on 10th Street and that lot will now be available to A permit holders, which should help relieve some parking stress. We have also made accommodations for additional ADA spaces and Student Health Services patient spaces in the Umstead lot. See map by clicking here. Individuals with disabilities in need of additional information should contact Liz Johnston, ADA Coordinator at (252) 737-1016.

We apologize for this disruption and added inconvenience but we are confident that these temporary changes will prove to create a safer environment during this Master Plan project. Let’s all work together through this challenging fall semester and look forward to a much improved campus in spring.

If you would like to learn more about other innovations included in Parking & Transportation’s concurrent Master Plan, then you can click on the “Transit, Parking, and Pedestrian” link on the ECU Master Plan’s website: www.ecu.edu/masterplan.