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Post Date: January 25, 2016:


Update to Lot Changes due to Construction Affecting A1 & B1 Permit Holders

For a month now, our office has been observing the A1 lots as well as the B1 parking lots that were converted to A1 lots due to the construction.  Effective today, we are changing 2 of the B1 lots that were converted to A1 lots back to B1 lots.  Those lots are WC-25 and WC-17.  Please reference the map below for the new changes.  We will continue to monitor all the lots on campus and if further changes can be made, then more announcements/emails will be relayed to those affected.  Please also note that as of right now, the times are still the same - A1 lots are open from 7am -7pm only for A1 permit holders and the B1 lots are open from 7am - 7pm only for B1 permit holders.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to call our office at 328-6294.

Side by Side Comparison of B1 lots converted to A1 and then back again to A1 due to observation of capacities after the start of construction

Post Date: January 7, 2016:


Parking Adjustments for Student/Evening Parking Due to Construction on Main Campus

With the Student Center Campus Construction now beginning, parking availability on main campus has been greatly reduced. We have lost over 450 spaces to this project. Changes were necessary to ensure the business of the university can be maintained.  Additional Parking Control Officers have been hired and parking regulations will be strictly enforced.

Please take note of the following changes to parking below that will affect students and evening parkers on campus:

  • Resident and Commuter Students can no longer park in the A1 or B1 zones on main campus from 7am to 7pm. All A1 and B1 zones are now only for A1 and B1 permits from 7am - 7pm.
  • Commuter Students with their C2 or B4 permits will have to continue to park at the Minges Park and Ride lot and ride the bus onto campus. Students residing at apartments on an ECU Transit route are also encouraged to utilize the transit system.  *Please click here for a list of the additional routes ECU Transit's providing due to the construction.
  • Resident students must remain in their respective lots.
  • After 7pm, Resident and Commuter Students can park in either the A1 or the B1 lots on main campus but they must have a valid permit at that time.  Student Access to the Core Campus for student services is provided by ECU Transit or limited use Pay by Space stations (locations listed below).
  • Guests and visitors of residents will no longer receive permits to park in areas closer to residence halls. Guests and visitors of residents will be able to park at the Stratford Arms parking lot off Charles Blvd (across from the baseball field) and ride the bus in or utilize the limited spaces within our 5 Pay by Space Stations on main campus.
  • All individual meters on main campus have been removed. Students and guests/visitors are welcome to utilize the limited spaces at any of the 5 Pay by Space Stations on main campus, which are located in the following areas:
  • On College Hill North of Scott Residence hall - (10 spaces)
  • East of the Rivers Building - (13 spaces)
  • At the corner of 5th Street and Harding St. - (43 spaces)
  • In the lot in between Jenkins Fine Arts and the Garret Residence hall - (13 spaces)
  • In the lot beside the Umstead Residence hall off 10th Street - (34 spaces)
  • The Parking and Transportation office will no longer handle requests for ADA/Handicapped accommodations. The University now offers point to point access for approved individuals through a program called Pirate Access that is run by ECU Transit in conjunction with Disability Support Services and Student Health Services. Please visit their website for more information on the Pirate Access program: http://www.ecu.edu/transit/accessibility-pirate_access.cfm
  • The Parking and Transportation office would like to take this opportunity to remind students of our Alternative Transportation programs: Pirate Bikes, Zimride and Carshare. More information can be found about these other transportation options on this website under the Alternative Transportation tab

Please be reminded that all parking on campus is by permit only or you are restricted to utilizing the spaces at our Pay by Space Stations. This will be strictly enforced. Pay attention to the signs at the entrances of the lots for information on authorized permits and time restrictions.  Please contact Parking (parking@ecu.edu) or ECU Transit (transit@ecu.edu) with any questions or request for information.

If you would like to see a visual map of the construction area including the pedestrian walking areas around the construction, please click here.