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Contractors / Vendors


Contractor permits are available for use by contracted construction companies. Contractor and construction parking is arranged with Parking and Transportation Services through the ECU Project Manager. Contractors must read and complete the Contractor & Vendor Application. The Contractor or Project Foreman may present this form in person. In some cases it may be necessary for our department to confer with the University department contracting the project prior to the granting of permits. Signatures are required from the ECU project manager as well as the Project Superintendent. Contractor parking is limited to the agreed upon area. Space may be provided on the perimeter of campus for worker's personal vehicles for a fee.

If you will only need a permit for one week or less, you will not be required to complete an application. However, you will still need to provide the information pertaining to the vehicle.  An approved parking permit application must be provided when 3 or more permits are requested and/or if your requested time frame is more than a week.  All Contractor/Vendor accounts must be paid in full before permits may be purchased.  Permits must be displayed in an appropriate manner at all times. Vendor applications are to be submitted by the department or unit which is engaging the Vendor. Permits may be purchased in bulk by the primary Vendor or Contractor.

Annual Contractor/Vendor permits must be purchased in person.  Year-round Contractors' applications will be reviewed and may be allowed the option of purchasing monthly, quarterly, or annual permits.

Pricing is as follows:

  • Daily - $5.00
  • Weekly - $10.00
  • Monthly - $20.00
  • Annual - $190.00
  • A zone access - an additional cost may be charged for A1 or A3 zone access
  • Securing parking spaces - $10.00/space

Vendors are defined as individuals or companies who provide a contracted service to the University. Vendors are eligible to purchase Vendor permits which authorize parking in the B1, B3, and C zones as well as spaces designated for Service/Maintenance vehicles.

At the time of purchase, you should be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Company Name
  • Vehicle driver/owner name
  • Company's Banner ID
  • ECU Departmental contact and/or project manager
  • Location of work site
  • Service/project start and end dates

Download and print the Contractor & Vendor Application . Bring the completed form to the Parking and Transportation office located at 305 East 10th Street.