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Contractor permits are available for use by contracted construction companies.  Contractor and construction parking is arranged with Parking and Transportation Services through the ECU Project Manager.  Contractors must read and complete the Construction Parking Permit Application form and submit it to our office prior to the beginning of work.  A minimum of one working day is required to process requests for more than 10 permits.  The Contractor or Project Foreman may present this form in person.  In some cases if may be necessary for our department to confer with the University department contracting the project prior to the granting of permits.  Signatures are required from the ECU project manager as well as the Project Superintendent.  Contractor parking is limited to the agreed upon area.  Space may be provided on the perimeter of campus for worker's personal vehicles for a fee. 

All contractor accounts must be paid in full before permits may be purchased.

Downloadable Form to be printed and faxed or returned to our office: Construction Parking Permit Application