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Courtesy Permits


For departmental use, the courtesy permits were designed to help those departments located off core campus make necessary trips to core campus that are essential to the function of the department.  Effective beginning the 2010-11 permit year, changes were made in order to maintain the 10% over sale ratio required by the Board of Trustees.  Individuals located in departments housed off of a core campus were asked to relinquish their A permits for a lower permit zone.  At that time, our office reevaluated the courtesy permit process allowing courtesy permits to be assigned directly to the individuals with specific job titles and job functions to serve as a substitute for the A permit they had to give up so that they can still follow through with the vital tasks that needed to be completed on a core campus.  Courtesy permits were also issued to the departments for use by all employees needing temporary access to a core campus for meetings, trainings, etc.  as they do not have the option to purchase an A zone permit.

Departments and Individuals who wish to request a Courtesy permit for the new year will need to submit a formal request via email to Ashley Cox at coxa@ecu.edu.  Departments should include the number of permits they are requesting. Individuals should include the department they work for and where their office is located.

Departments and Individuals under the following circumstances are NOT eligible for this permit:

  • If their office is located on a core campus.
  • If their office is located on the Health Sciences Campus or Main Campus. Although labeled "West Campus", the Health Science Campus is still considered a core campus
  • If individuals within the department were/are not required to relinquish their A permit
  • If individuals within the department have the option to purchase an A permit. They may have to get on the waitlist for an A permit, but they still have the option available to them. Individuals eligible for courtesy permits do not have this option at all.

**Please note: Courtesy permits are not issued to departments on main campus allowing their employees to travel to the health sciences campus in order to utilize the A zones on the health sciences campus.  Main campus B zone permit holders must utilize the B3 or B5 zones while visiting the health sciences campus. Therefore, Health Science Campus employees with B3 or B5 zone permits must park in the B1 zones when visiting main campus.

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