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Driver Verification



For use of Enterprise Rental Vehicles:

The renter must possess a valid drivers license. No driver history check is required.

  • Qualified licensed drivers 18 years and older are eligible and protected while on state business.  For use of the 15 passenger vans, renters must be 21 years of age and up.

The following amenities and services are also included in the base rates provided for business use:

  • $1,000,000 combined Single Limit Third Party Liability Protection in the US for all classes.
  • Zero deductible Damage Waiver in the US for all car classes.
  • Unlimited miles in the US for all car classes.

For use of state Vehicles and/or Department Leased MFM Vehicles:

The Central Motor Pool will continue to conduct driver verification checks for some departments that have individuals driving University Owned Vehicles and/or Department Leased Motor Fleet Management (MFM) Vehicles. The CMP not accept hardcopy Driver Verification forms for verification checks. Please see below for Driver Verification submission procedure. In order to drive a state vehicle for the East Carolina University, an employee must possess a valid driver's license. Pursuant to ECU Risk Management Policy any employee that needs to drive a state vehicle for University business must submit to a verification check.

The employee's department is responsible for submitting the driver's license information utilizing the secured online database assigned to that department for verification checks. Central Motor Pool personnel are responsible for performing all verification checks upon submission. Employees who do not have a valid NC Driver's License and are licensed in another state, or who have a had NCDL less than 3 years and were previously licensed in another state, must submit an official 3 year driving history from the other state to their department for verification. Only driving histories for states other than North Carolina are required. It is the responsibility of the employee to acquire and provide this driving history. The Central Motor Pool reserves the right to deny any requests to drive a state vehicle based on the individual's driving record. These checks must be performed annually. Students who are employed by some department must also submit for a verification check, and their checks must be performed every 6 months. Employees who need to submit a driving history from another state must provide an up-to-date history for each verification that is required.

In order to submit driver verification for a verification check, (for employees of the departments in which CMP will do their driver verifications) the employee must contact the administrative personnel within their department. The administrative personnel will then input the driver's information into a secured online database which has been assigned to the department through the Central Motor Pool. The department head is the only individual who can request that other individuals within the department have access to the department's folder. The department head is also the only individual who can request that someone be removed from having access to the department's folder. Any questions can be submitted to the Central Motor Pool email at