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Faculty & Staff


Any faculty or staff member desiring to utilize campus parking spaces is required to register his/her motor vehicle and purchase a permit. The responsibility and authority to develop and implement a University parking program is conferred by NC General Statue 116-44.4.

Reminder: Certain Spaces on campus are never (including nights, weekends, and holidays) to be occupied unless you specifically have the proper permit listed for that space. These spaces are subject to towing at all times and include:

  1. Reserved Spaces - must have permit that says RESERVED
  2. Chancellors Spaces - must have permit that says CHANCELLOR
  3. Handicapped Spaces - must have permit that says MEDICAL, HD+, a valid Placard, and a valid ECU permit
  5. No Parking Zones (Any area as indicated by signs that specifically state "No Parking". Additionally, any area that is not specifically between two white lines in a valid zone is a No Parking Area - i.e. curbs, etc.) - NO ONE IS TO EVER PARK IN THESE AREAS FOR ANY REASON
  6. Faculty/Staff are not permitted to park in student parking spaces.

***Only Bicycle permits and Annual Vehicle Permits (with the exception of annual Motorcycle permits) are available online. All other special permits (Temporary Permits, Summer Permits, Visitor Permits, etc.) must be purchased in person at the Parking office.

How to purchase your annual permit and register your vehicle(s):

Visit ECU Pirate Port: https://pirateport.ecu.edu/portal. You will need your Pirate ID and passphrase to enter Pirate Port. This is the same as logging in for e-mail.

On the 'Tools' tab:

  • Choose: 'Parking & Transportation' under Applications

Once in your parking account, you will need the following information to complete the online purchase:

  • License plate number
  • Vehicle year, make, model and color
  • Enter or verify your address and your e-mail address.

Update your information by clicking on the appropriate link

If everything is up to date, then click on the "Get Permits" link and follow it through. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 5 minutes of purchasing your permit online, then a step was missed and the permit was not processed. Please call our office.

Remember to select whether or not you want the permit mailed to your preferred address or if you wish to pick it up in our office.

If you purchase by credit card, you would complete the payment information online. If you wish to pay by cash or check - visit the Parking & Transportation Office during normal business hours after you enter your information online.

Faculty and staff are individuals employed by the University in permanent full-time or part-time positions and temporary full-time or part-time positions. Only full-time and part-time permanent employees can utilize payroll deduction. Full-time and part-time temporary employees cannot. Only temporary employees are eligible to purchase permits by the month. Those month permits are available for purchase only in our office. Temporary employees do still have the option to purchase an annual permit outright with a credit card, cash, or check.

Faculty and staff members must register their vehicles by July 1 of each calendar year. All permits are sold and valid according to the fiscal year (July 1 - June 30), not the academic year. If a faculty or staff member acquires an additional or new vehicle after July 1, the vehicle must be registered before it is brought on campus and/or before displaying a valid permit. If the additional or new vehicle will be displaying a license plate number that had already been registered in the past (you just switched the plate from the old vehicle to the new), then please call our office with the new vehicle information. You will not be able to make this change through your Parking account in Pirate Port. However, if you acquired new plates for the additional or new vehicle, please register it through your Parking account online in Pirate Port as a completely new vehicle.

Employees who wish to upgrade their permit may add themselves to the appropriate A zone wait-list through their Parking & Transportation account on Pirate Port.

New employees may obtain a complimentary two week 'New Faculty' permit from either Human Resources or our office in order to allow them to complete orientation. After orientation, new faculty and staff members will be able to purchase their permits online through their Parking & Transportation account on Pirate Port. If you are a faculty or staff member who is not required to go through orientation, please contact our office.

*Aramark employees wishing to purchase a permit (either monthly or yearly) must present to our office a new permit request form every year at the time of the first permit purchase of the new fiscal year. Once the initial form is submitted, another form will not have to be presented until the next fiscal year even if purchasing monthly permits. The form is obtained at Aramark's Human Resource office.

Employment Separation & LOA

Employment Separation: Since all permits are state property, they must be turned into our office on the last day of employment.

Employees on Leave of Absence: Please call or come by our office to make proper arrangements when going on a leave of absence. Employees may also email Kimberly Best at bestk14@ecu.edu .

**Please note that payroll deductions will not stop until the permit has been turned into our office. Please do not return the permit to your Supervisor or Human Resources.