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Fee Determination


 2017 - 2018 Parking Fees

The Department of Parking and Transportation Services (P&T) consists of the following areas: parking lot inventory management and enforcement, parking permit sales, finance and administration, motor pool management, special events coordination, and transportation demand management (TDM).  Transportation (or travel) Demand Management is a collection of strategies that result in more efficient use of transportation resources, including transit, bicycle, pedestrian and other means.  Comprehensive lot vacancy counts are collected at various times/days on an ongoing basis throughout each semester to help ensure space availability for permit holders, efficient use of space and improved planning.

The Parking and Transportation Committee is an advisory committee that assists P&T with decisions related to planning, policy and procedures.  Faculty members play a vital role in the P&T Committee and the Parking Appeals Committee.

Permit Fees

Permit fees have increased for FY 17/18.  Permit fees for FY 17/18 are as follows:

  • Reserved permits: $539
  • A permits: $404
  • B permits: $202
  • C (commuter) permits: $135
  • D (off-site student resident) permits: $296
  • Motorcycle permits: $63 (only $36 if you also have a vehicle permit for the same year)

Parking is required by NC law to be self-supporting. Our primary goal is to keep fees as low as possible and to base fees on paying for convenience.  To continue in the maintenance and upgrade of existing parking resources and to plan for future parking demand, we are researching additional avenues for revenue needed to meet the future needs of ECU.  For example, Athletics now pays to lease parking spaces for athletic events.

Parking and Transportation Services has no plans to increase fees again until the master plan is completed and specific project timelines are identified for new projects.  Parking & Transportation Services based this year's fee increases on known projects (i.e. maintenance and lot upgrades) and reasonable projections of new projects resulting from the draft master plan to provide a reasonable adjustment of fees over time.  The other option was to wait for a completed master plan and then adjust fees significantly to meet our capital needs.  It is our belief that a gradual increase would be better for our customers.

Parking and Transportation Improvements/Changes:

Restructuring and cross-training of the P&T staff is continuing to provide improved customer service and efficient operation of the department.

Lot improvements were completed at:

  1. 10th and Evans: Buildings located at the parking lots located at 10th and Evans were demolished and the lots were redesigned and resurfaced to create additional B permit spaces.
  2. P&T made an additional payment of $174,000 to NC Public Schools based on the fine revenue lawsuit.  This represents the second payment with a balance of $2.6 million remaining in reserve for future transfers.  This is in addition to the $342, 659 transferred in FY 10/11 to meet the 80% of fine revenue required to be transferred to the NC Public Schools.
  3. P&T has implemented alternative transportation programs to campus to introduce transportation demand management (TDM) concepts to the University:
    • WeCar by Enterprise - a nationwide car sharing program
    • Zimride - a ride sharing network based on Facebook.  ECU community members are able to access the site
    • Pirate Bike Share - a bike sharing program where registered users can utilize bikes placed across campus.  This program is slated for further improvement to meet demand.
    • Established a weekly Bike Clinic in conjunction with Building Hope, a Greenville non-profit organization working with at-risk teens.  This program provides an on-campus location for the campus community to repair their bikes.

Continued to receive contributions from Athletics regarding maintenance of the parking areas associated with events.  P&T began reviewing other free uses of parking in relation to the maintenance and operational costs of these lots.  Currently, permit holders pay for the vast majority of lot maintenance, improvement and construction.

P&T continues to transfer approximately $180,000+ to the ECU police for lot security.

Parking and Transportation Current/Future Projects

Lot improvements planned:

  1. 14th Street Gravel lots - completed.
  2. Once the master plan is approved, planning has begun on new lots and decks.

The Master Plan may reduce parking availability on core campus to produce a safer and more pedestrian corridor from Rivers to Mendenhall. The current proposal eliminates 200 to 300 spaces. The master plan is not complete, but potential parking projects for the future may include:

  1. Increasing parking availability at the park and ride location at the Health and Human Performance (Belk).  New 1500 space lot - $5 million
  2. P&T will be working with Financial Services and the State of North Carolina to secure bonds to insure adequate funding for parking projects
  3. Plans are being discussed for a parking deck in conjunction with new student union.  The total cost for a 500 space deck is estimated at $11 million with P&T contribution to be determined.  A portion of the deck spaces could be used to offset the loss of 200-300 surface spaces in the interior core that would become green space to help form a more pedestrian corridor.
  4. A new building is being planned for P&T, Police and Environmental Health and Safety.  P&T contribution estimated at $1.5 million.

P&T will continue to implement alternative transportation programs to campus to reduce the parking demand on campus, congestion in Greenville, and improve sustainability.  Campus use of alternative transportation could help reduce the demand for additional parking spaces.  Some examples are:

  1. Implementing a Car Pool Program with an Occasional Parking Program.
  2. Working with ECU Recreation Center to develop a bike rental program.
  3. Working with ECU Recreation Center to offer a "shower only pass" for those who choose to commute to campus by bicycle.
  4. Working with the City of Greenville to connect their Pedestrian and Bicycle Project to benefit ECU.  This includes the next stage of the Green Project that would connect the Uptown area with the Health Sciences Campus.
  5. P&T plans to transfer to Transit a percentage fee based on bus passengers to our current Park and Ride locations.  Transit is a robust system and a vital part of our TDM program, thus reducing parking demand.  Over the last few years, Transit has increased routes to apartment complexes and reduced parking demand by approximately 1000 spaces, thus saving millions of dollars in parking construction costs and reducing vehicle congestion around campus.

Review all parking spaces on campus to insure they are being utilized in the most efficient manner.

  1. Determine if space can be added to permit parking inventory.

Parking and Transportation will continue to monitor, reallocate resources, recognize traffic patterns, and meet the parking requirements of ECU.

Parking and Transportation continues to work with the Master Plan Consultants to identify areas for improvement and growth in parking areas on campus.  We continue to collect, interpret, and offer information to assist in the completion of the Master Plan.

Deb Garfi
Director of Parking and Transportation
East Carolina University