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Motor Fleet Management


At no time should a state vehicle be used for any private purpose.  Only approved state employees may drive a state vehicle and only for official state business.

It is the responsibility of the driver and any travelers to follow all state vehicle laws and mandates.  This includes any laws from other states.  Citations received for violating the law or regulations are the sole responsibility of the employee cited.

Several University departments lease vehicles from NC Motor Fleet Management.  Those departments using those vehicles must follow all regulations and rules as defined by the NC Motor Fleet Management Regulations manual.  It can be found here:

Motor Fleet Management Regulations Manual

This manual also contains maps to all NCDOT gas pumps.

Please use safe driving habits.

Remember, as a state employee and a driver of a state vehicle, you are a very recognizable representative of North Carolina and East Carolina University and should strive to be a great example of a conscientious driver.