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Lost/Stolen Permits


Replacement for lost, stolen, or damaged parking permits shall be issued by the ECU Director of Parking and Transportation Services or his/her designee.  Permits that have been lost or stolen will be placed on the ticket and towing list. 

Lost: The permittee must sign the replacement form (available only in our office) and pay the replacement charge of $25.00 in order to obtain replacement permit.

Stolen:  The permittee must sign the replacement form, which is available only in our office.  Before a replacement permit will be issued, the replacement charge of $25.00 will need to be paid unless a copy of either the police or insurance report is provided.

The individual that the permit is registered to is responsible for all non-moving traffic violations involving a vehicle carrying a permit issued to him or her.  Parking permits that are stolen must be immediately reported to the ECU Parking & Transportation Services and to all law enforcement authorities with jurisdiction over the theft.

Any vehicle found displaying a lost, stolen, or forged permit will be immediately towed, and the owner will be reported to the proper authorities.