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Motorcycle Permits


A Motorcycle is as a motor-driven two-wheeled vehicle which can be legally operated on State of North Carolina maintained roads.  Mopeds, motorbikes, and motor scooters are included in this definition.  These vehicles must be registered as a motorcycle and parked in spaces designated as Motorcycle Parking.  Motorcycles may not park in spaces designated for automobiles or bicycles. 

Mopeds and motor scooters that do not have regular license plate numbers will need to register the vehicle under the VIN number instead.

Motorcycle permits are issued on an annual basis and are valid July 1 - June 30.  Motorcycle permits must be purchased in person at Parking and Transportation Services.  Please visit the Price Comparison link on the right for the current price of the permit. If you have an valid Vehicle parking permit and wish to purchase a Motorcycle permit, you can do so at a reduced rate. This must be done in our office. We encourage you to purchase both the Motorcycle permit and the Vehicle permit at the same time to ensure that you receive the discounted rate.