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How Not to Get a Ticket


Contrary to popular belief, our department does not make a fortune from issuing citations.  In actuality, NC General Statutes require that we can only retain 20% while the rest goes back to the state.  So why do we still issue them?  We still issue them for the same reason why we have a police force, to prevent chaos!  In order to do this, our department had to come up with the best possible rules and regulations guide we could in order to serve ECU's general population as a whole.  Our hope is to better educate the population so that everyone will have one less thing to worry about while coming to campus to do whatever it is they need to do.

Prevention tips:

  1. DO NOT ASSUME!!  Call us if you are not 100% positive on anything regarding parking on campus.
  2. Buy a permit!  You cannot park on campus without one, even after the main times posted on the signs.  Once you buy it, make sure you are thoroughly familiar with the restrictions of your permit.  If unsure, call us!  Only valid permits can be purchased from our office.  Do not purchase a permit from anyone else.
  3. Keep a look out for the main signs posted at the entrance to all our lots as well as other signs posted around campus.  Thoroughly read them.  Do not just glance at them, because you will miss other vital information posted on it!
  4. Register all vehicles you plan on using.  If you forget your permit, stop by our office to get a provisional in order to cover you while you are parked on campus at no charge!
  5. Be aware that spaces within our pay by space stations are open for everyone to use, with or without a permit.  Therefore, they must always be kept activated.  Plan to keep the space activated at least 15 minutes past the time you think you will return.  On the flip side, try to make sure you return at least 10-15 minutes prior to you time expiration just to make sure you are back before it expires.  Returning even 1 minute past can be the difference of a $15 ticket!
  6. Do not park in Handicap spots without prior approval and credentials!! (Please click on the ADA  Medical Accommodation link on the right side of this page for more information)
  7. Please keep in mind that we have several different types of signs.
  8. Please note that if a vehicle is in violation of two or more violations, they will receive the violation of higher value.