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Parking on campus is not guaranteed.  However, any vehicle that parks on ECU campus must display a valid permit or utilize the limited spaces at our Pay by Space stations. Since the spaces at Pay by Space stations are open to everyone, permit holders must also keep these spaces activated when parked at one. All parking on campus is zoned parking. There are signs posted at the entrance to all our lots which state their zone restrictions and times.  Permits are sold on a first come, first serve basis.

2018-19 Permit Sale Dates:

Returning Residents (living on campus) and Commuter students - JULY 5TH at 8am

New/Transfer Residents (living on campus) - JULY 18TH at 8am

REMINDER: All resident student permits will NOT be mailed if purchased between July 25th - August 31st. Resident students (A2, B2 and D permit holders) can pick their purchased permits up during move-in at the centralized key pick-up at Minges Stadium August 15th - 17th. Main campus commuter students (C2 permit holders) will be able to pick their permits up at the main campus office beginning July 5th. Health Sciences Campus commuter students (B4 permit holders) will be able to pick their permits up at the Health Sciences Campus parking office during the hours of 7:30am - 11:30am, Monday - Thursday beginning July 5th (please note that the HSC office will be closed the week of move-in, Aug. 13th - 17th. B4 permits can be picked up at the main campus office during move-in week). Please note that our office will never mail permits to dorms.

Reminder: Certain Spaces on campus are never (including nights, weekends, and holidays) to be occupied unless you specifically have the proper permit listed for that space. These spaces are subject to towing at all times and include:

  1. Reserved Spaces - must have permit that says RESERVED
  2. Chancellors Spaces - must have permit that says CHANCELLOR
  3. Handicapped Spaces - must have permit that says MEDICAL, HD+, a valid Placard, and a valid ECU permit
  5. No Parking Zones (Any area as indicated by signs that specifically state "No Parking". Additionally, any area that is not specifically between two white lines in a valid zone is a No Parking Area - i.e. curbs, etc.) - NO ONE IS TO EVER PARK IN THESE AREAS FOR ANY REASON

Permits are issued one per person, and vehicles must be registered to the individual or an immediate member of their family for the permit.  Multiple permits are not given for every vehicle. Vehicle's are registered through individual parking accounts on Pirate Port, in person at our office, and of course we are always willing to add the vehicles on to accounts if an individual calls our office as an alternative. The parking permits are easy to transfer between the registered vehicles on an individual's account; by simply peeling the permit off the car they were using and placing it on the car they plan to drive on campus that day. As long as the permit is removed gently while peeling it off, there shouldn't be any issues making the transfer. If over time the adhesive becomes weak while transferring between cars, then the permit can be brought to our office and exchanged for a new one at no charge.

**Annual Student permits are valid from August 1st - July 31st, every year. Annual Faculty/Staff permits are valid from July 1st - June 30th, every year.**

***Only Bicycle permits and Annual Vehicle Permits (with the exception of annual Motorcycle permits) are available online. All other special permits (Temporary Permits, Summer Permits, Visitor Permits, etc.) must be purchased in person at the Parking Office.

How to purchase your annual permit and register your vehicle(s):

Click Here to download instructions for accessing the online Parking Portal where you purchase your permit.

Visit ECU Pirate Port: https://pirateport.ecu.edu/portal/. You will need your Pirate ID and passphrase to enter Pirate Port. This is the same as logging in for e-mail.

On the 'Tools' tab:

  • Choose: 'Parking & Transportation' under Applications

Once in your parking account, you will need the following information to complete the online purchase:

  • License plate number
  • Vehicle year, make, model and color
  • Enter or verify your address and your e-mail address.

Update your information by clicking on the appropriate link

If everything is up to date, then click on the "Get Permits" link and follow it through.

**Note: If you do not receive a payment confirmation receipt in your email shortly after submitting the payment, then it did not go through. The process will either need to be done again or you can call our office. In addition, if you paid with a Visa but the payment option says MasterCard, please disregard. It will correctly sort itself when downloaded.

Remember to select whether or not you want the permit mailed to your preferred address or if you wish to pick it up in our office. Permits will not be mailed to dorm rooms at all.

If you purchase by credit card, you would complete the payment information online. If you wish to pay by cash or check - visit the Parking & Transportation Office during normal business hours after you enter your information online.

Zoned Eligibility Restrictions for Full-Time Permanent Employees and Students:

Faculty/Staff - (Main Campus): A1 & B1

  • New Permanent employees are initially eligible for B1 and must add themselves to the wait list through their Parking account on Pirate Port for the A1 permit
  • A1 permit holders may also park in A3 zones while on the Health Sciences campus
  • B1 permit holders may also park in the B3 zones while on the Health Sciences campus; B1 can park in the A1 zones after 5:30pm and on weekends

Faculty/Staff - (Off Core Campus): B1

  • Employees with offices located off core campus are not eligible for A1 permits

Faculty/Staff - (Health Sciences Campus): A3 & B3

  • New employees whose offices are located in the East Carolina Heart Institute (ECHI), the Warren Life Sciences Building, the Family Medicine Center, Brody, Allied Health Sciences Building, Laupus, or the Dental School of Medicine are initially eligible for the B3 and must add themselves to the wait list, if needed, for the A3 through their Parking account on Pirate Port. If any A3's or B3's are still available, then they will also have this option given to them while purchasing their permit online. A3's may also park in the A1 zones while on Main Campus; B3's may also park in the B1 zones while on Main Campus.

Students - (Depends on Living Arrangements): A2, B2, B4, C2, and D

  • Returning College Hill residents are eligible for the A2; A2's may also park in the C2 zone if needed
  • Returning Core Campus and West Campus residents are eligible for the B2; B2's may also park in the C2 zone; Returning Umstead Resident's may purchase either the A2 or the B2 permit, and must park in the zone they choose.
  • Commuter students are eligible for the C2 or B4; B4's are purchased for use at the Health Sciences Campus; B4's may park in the C2 zone on main campus at all times, except overnight; however, C2's may not park in the B4 zone on the Health Sciences until after 5:30pm;
  • Returning Resident students that are unable to obtain an A2 or B2 permit due to availability will need to purchase the D permit for the Resident Student Remote lot in Curry Court off Charles Boulevard.

The parking permit purchased from our department indicates the zone for which you are eligible and it is the responsibility of the individual to make sure they are parking in zones appropriate for their permit.

**Please see the individual links under the menu on the right for more detailed information.