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ALL parking on campus is by permit only or by keeping the limited spaces activated at one of our Pay by Space Stations. You must display a valid parking permit at all times.  All vehicles displaying a valid permit must be properly registered in your Parking & Transportation account accessible through Pirate Port before parking that vehicle on campus.  Please remember that it is very important that all contact information is kept up-to-date in your Parking & Transportation account on Pirate Port.

A2 and B2 permit holders are able to park in C zone, but not overnight. C2 and B4 permit holders may park in B1 spaces after 5:30pm (except in the CH 1 and CH 2 lots), and may park in A1 zones after 7:00. Beginning at 4:00pm Friday through Midnight Sunday nights, all student parking permits will be valid in all STUDENT zones (A2, B2, C, and D) provided that you are parked in a permitted space and are not in any of the areas mentioned below (unless of course you have the proper permit to do so).

For Alternative Parking click here!  Please note, these are NOT ECU OWNED OR MONITORED parking lots.


RESIDENT STUDENT PERMITS: RETURNING RESIDENT STUDENTS will have 2 weeks to purchase an A2 or B2 permit which go on sale beginning Monday, July 3, 2017 at 8am and will end on Sunday, July 16th at midnight. Beginning Monday, July 17, 2017 at 8amALL RESIDENT STUDENTS ( to include new and transfer students)  will be able to purchase any remaining A2, B2, & D zone permits ( based on where your dorm is located ) on a first come, first serve basis until all have sold out.  Once the A2 & B2 permits have sold out, returning residents will then need to purchase a D zone permit and the waiting lists for A2 & B2 permits will open up.  If and when permits are offered off the waiting lists, they will be offered in the order in which they are entered on the waiting list.

COMMUTER STUDENT PERMITS: Beginning Monday, July 3, 2017 at 8am, all commuter student permits (C2/B4) will be available for sale.

REMINDER: All student permits will NOT be mailed if purchased between July 23rd - August 31st.  Resident students (A2, B2 and D permit holders) can pick their permits up during move-in at the centralized key pick-up at Minges Stadium August 16th - 20th.  Main campus commuter students (C2 permit holders) will be able to pick their permits up at the main campus office between July 23rd - August 31st.  Health Sciences Campus commuter students (B4 permit holders) will be able to pick their permits up at the Health Sciences Campus parking office during the hours of 7:30am - 11:30am, Monday - Thursday during the time we're not mailing permits ( please note that the HSC office will be closed the week of move-in, Aug. 14th - 18th. B4 permits can be picked up at the main campus office during move-in week). Please note that our office will never mail permits to dorms.


Reminder: Certain Spaces on campus are never (including nights, weekends, and holidays) to be occupied unless you specifically have the proper permit listed for that space. These spaces are subject to towing at all times and include:

  1. Reserved Spaces - must have permit that says RESERVED
  2. Chancellors Spaces - must have permit that says CHANCELLOR
  3. Handicapped Spaces - must have permit that says MEDICAL, HD+, a valid Placard, and a valid ECU permit
  5.   No Parking Zones (Any area as indicated by signs that specifically state "No Parking". Additionally, any area that is not      specifically between two white lines in a valid zone is a No Parking Area - i.e. curbs, etc.) - NO ONE IS TO EVER PARK IN THESE AREAS FOR ANY REASON

*** Only Bicycle permits and Annual Vehicle Permits (with the exception of annual Motorcycle permits) are available online. All other permit types (Temporary Permit, Summer Permit, etc.) must be purchased in person at the Parking office.

How to purchase your annual permit and register your vehicle(s):

Visit ECU Pirate Port:  You will need your Pirate ID and passphrase to enter Pirate Port.  This is the same as logging in to your e-mail. The parking portal works best with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers on a Microsoft Windows PC. MAC users, or those who use a different browser will likely encounter issues while using the parking portal.

On the 'Tools' tab:

  • Choose: 'Parking & Transportation' under Applications

Once in your parking account, you will need the following information to complete the online purchase:

  • License plate number
  • Vehicle year, make, model and color
  • Enter or verify your address and your e-mail address.

Update your information by clicking on the appropriate link

If everything is up to date, then click on the "Get Permits" link and follow it through.

Remember to select whether or not you want the permit mailed to your preferred address or if you wish to pick it up in our office.  **During the month of August, please note that permits will not be mailed out! During the week of move-in, the Parking office will extend our hours of operation. Resident students be advised, we will not mail permits to your dorm.

**NOTE: Returning Resident Students - Your Parking permits will be available for pick up at Minges during the Centralized Key Pickup (when you get your dorm room keys). However, you may pick up your permit either before or after the Centralized Key Pickup by visiting the Parking Office located at 305 East 10th Street.

If you purchase by credit card, you would complete the payment information online.  If you wish to pay by cash or check - visit the Parking & Transportation Office during normal business hours after you enter your information online. We strongly encourage all students to purchase their permits through their parking accounts accessed via Pirate Port due to the limited parking at the Parking and Transportation offices.

Students are reminded that they are not considered visitors and are not permitted to park in visitor lots on campus unless spaces at our Pay by Space stations are kept activated.

Parking permits are issued according to the students living arrangements.  Please visit the Price Comparison link to your right for a list of permit prices.  **Annual permits are valid from August 1 - July 31, every year.

Returning residents who are unable to purchase an A2 or B2 permit which is based on availability, will need to purchase the D zone permit for the Resident Student Remote lot located off Curry Court. They can add themselves to either wait list through their parking account in Pirate Port. We will notify those individuals via email when and if we are able to offer the upgrade.

Due to the current construction for the new parking garage and student union, we have very limited parking available. Therefore, parking spaces on campus are not guaranteed. All 1st year ECU students and Transfer students who reside on campus will want to add their name to the D permit wait list if permits sell out.

Temporary allowances are arranged through our office for the purpose of unloading/loading items from the dorms for all students living on campus. Those arrangements must be made by calling our office before attempting to load/unload the items. During move-in/out, residence halls should have individuals passing out 30 minute loading zone permits. If you are unable to locate one of these individuals, those permits may also be obtained in our office.

Students who graduate in December may return their parking permit to our office for a prorated refund of the purchase fee.  A prorated refund schedule is in place for permits returned prior to January 15th. A permit turned in because of disciplinary action resulting from violation of University parking and traffic regulations is not eligible for any refund.

Breaks and/or Reading Days: If the University is not completely closed down for a state holiday, then parking will still be enforced! The University remains open even when classes are not in session.  Our office realizes the ECU Transit may operate on modified schedules during these times.  Therefore, C2 permit holders will be allowed to park in the B1 faculty/staff zones when ECU Transit does not operate.  D Zone permits will be allowed to park in the B2 Zone on Reade Street or Minges/14th Street C Zone parking lots.  All other permit holders must still park in their respective zones, and A1 zones will still be strictly enforced.  Please visit the ECU Transit link under the menu on the right for updated route information during breaks.


Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA): Graduate assistants who will be actually teaching a class are NOT eligible at this time for B1 parking permits after providing valid documentation as proof of GTA status. 


  1. Only purchase permits from ECU Parking and Transportation.  You cannot sell your permit to another student.  It will be considered illegal use.
  2. Please be aware that most false information regarding parking will come from your peers and will result in you having to face the consequences.  Students are reminded to always call our office for proper clarification regarding parking on campus
  3. Never Assume.  If you do not understand the signs posted, please call for clarification.  "I didn't know" is not a valid excuse due to the abundance of information readily available from a variety of different sources at your disposal.
  4. Students are reminded that they are also to conduct themselves according to the University Code of Conduct.  Students who fail to do so will be reported to Student Rights and Responsibilities.