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Summer Camps


All parking on ECU Campus is by permit only.  The Summer Camp Permits assigned to departments or outside organizations are for use by participants attending conferences, workshops, and/or special programs sponsored by the department or organization.  Please make yourself aware of the following guidelines regarding use of the Summer Camp Permit:

Summer Camp Permit price, as listed.  Visiting parents can purchase a $5.00 one day permit at Parking or the department can provide them with a Summer Camp permit.

  • $10.00 0-13 days
  • $20.00 14-20 days
  • $30.00 21-27 days
  • $40.00 28-35 day

Each permit will indicate the valid areas authorized for parking.  Vehicles parking in areas not designated by the permit will be cited for a Wrong Zone violation which is a $20.00 fine.

Permits are dated for the event.  A date previously written or stamped on the permit must not be erased and/or changed for use on another day.  This is considered Alteration of a Permit.  Permits that have been altered will be cited $50.00 and towed at the owner's expense.

Summer Camp Permits are only to be used by guests and visitors to ECU.  They are not to be used by staff, faculty, or students in place of a regular ECU Parking permit.  Special consideration may be given in certain circumstances.  Improper use by staff, faculty or students will result in a citation for Illegal Use of a Permit and towing at the owner's expense.  The fine for Illegal Use of a Permit is $50.00.

Complete the Summer Camp Parking Permit Request form and a Banner Interdepartmental Transfer Request form and email both to  For departments that are purchasing summer camp permits, we must have the emailed Banner Interdepartmental Transfer Request form and the explanation of permit need in the box provided on the form before the Summer Permits will be issued.

Outside agencies that wish to be invoiced you must provide billing information prior to receiving the permits - responsible person, contact phone number and mailing address.

Our office will determine parking availability once the forms have been received if arrangements have not been made with the special events coordinator.  Summer campus must follow the same guidelines as special events (based on the number of participants) and will need to contact the special events coordinator at 328-1962 or

Departments are asked to comply with Summer Camp Permit guidelines to ensure their visitors and guests do not receive parking citations.  If you have further questions regarding this policy or parking on campus, please contact Parking and Transportation Services at 328-6294.