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Temporary Permits


Faculty, staff, and students who do not have an annual parking permit must purchase a temporary parking permit or utilize a parking meter when parking on campus.  Temporary permits cost $5.00 per day, $10.00 per week, and $20.00 per month.  A limited amount of temporary permits purchased per person may apply. These types of permits must be purchased and picked up in our office.  They cannot be purchased online.

Faculty and staff temporary permits will authorize parking in the B1 & B3 zone parking lots.

Student temporary permits will authorize parking in the zone which the student is eligible dependent upon their living arrangements and availability. 

In order to be equitable to those individuals that purchased the annual permit, prolonged purchasing of temporary permits by faculty, staff and students is not permissible with the exception of temporary faculty and staff and distance education students. 

Provisional permits

Provisional permits are temporary equivalents of valid permits given to those individuals who, due to what could be a variety of different reasons, do not have their valid permit currently displayed on the vehicle being utilized. 

Provisional permits are free of charge to the owner of the valid permit, can be extended up to two weeks, and will need to be picked up at our office on main campus.