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We don't like towing your car just as much as you don't like having your car towed!  The simple fact is, whether or not your car is towed is completely in your hands.  Except under certain circumstances, towing is the last resort we turn to in order to enforce the P & T Ordinances.  Our office does reserve the right to tow without prior warning.  In addition to the citation fee, there is a separate administrative cost associated with being towed.  Unlike the citation fees, this fee can only be paid in our office or over the phone with a credit card.

Towing company charges are separate from university parking charges and are paid directly to the towing company at the time you pick up your vehicle.  The towing company's cost can vary, depending if special equipment had to be used.  If you are towed, then you will need to stop by our office first in order to sign and pick up the release form.  You will need to provide identification, i.e. your One Card or a valid Driver's License.  If you need transportation to the towing company, then our officers can provide an escort for you.  If it is after regular business hours, then release forms may be picked up at the ECU Police Department located in the Blount House at 609 East 10th Street.

To Avoid Being Towed:

  1. Do not accumulate 3 or more unpaid citations
  2. Be sure to keep out of zones inappropriate for your permit, especially the ADA accessible spaces without authorization from our office and the A1 zones
  3. Do not park in a Reserved spot
  4. Do not park in no parking areas, areas that are restricted for service/maintenance vehicles or where you would be blocking traffic or causing damage to university property (i.e. along curbs, in a fire zone, in front of a dumpster, on the grass, etc.)