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Travel Procedures


Things to know before, during, and after your scheduled CMP reservation:

After 12 PM on the day before the travel is scheduled to start, a Travel Packet will be created for the driver.  The Travel Packet can be signed for and picked up at the Parking and Transportation Services office.  The Travel Packet consists of 3 parts:  a Trip Ticket, a key packet, and documentation for regulations and other travel instructions.

The Trip Ticket outlines the details of your travel request as submit on the reservation form and should be checked for accuracy when received.  In the middle of the Trip Ticket is a section titled Mileage Data.  At the beginning and end of the trip, the driver must record the odometer reading on the relevant line in the Mileage section.  Failure to properly record the mileage here will result in a $10 Incomplete Paperwork fee added to the reservation cost.  There is also a section for the driver's signature and should be signed before returning the Travel Packet.

The Key Packet lists the Vehicle number, which is stenciled on the windshield of the vehicle, the Vehicle license plate number, the PIN code to access the Central Motor Pool lot and the Wright Express Gas Card ID number assigned for your vehicle. Please click on the Fueling Instructions link under the menu to the right for instructions on how to use the Wright Express Gas Card.

The included documentation contains rules for use of CMP vehicles, instructions on how to fuel the CMP vehicle, and other relevant documentation that may be needed.

The CMP vehicles are located in a fenced, gated parking lot located near the Irons Building close to the corner of Charles Blvd and Greenville Blvd.  A map showing the exact location is available to view by clicking on the Map to the CMP lot link under the menu to the right. The lot is divided into 2 sections, each with its own gate.  The CMP section is located closest to Greenville Blvd and has a travel packet dropbox (large tan mailbox) outside the gate, opposite the gate PIN pad.  The PIN code to access the lot is written on the key packet with your travel materials.  This PIN code will only work on the CMP gate, so if the code does not work, try the other gate because you may be at the wrong one.

Personal vehicles can be parked inside the CMP lot during your travel and it is strongly advised that you do.  This provides some security to your vehicle and allows you to exit the lot with minimum issue.  Be advised there is no pedestrian exit gate or PIN pad on the inside of the lot, but a magnetic sensor at the gate will detect a vehicle to open the gate from the inside automatically.

Located inside the CMP vehicle are some items of interest.  In the glove compartment, a driver should be able to find a NC Motor Fleet Management State Vehicle regulations manual, the vehicle registration card, a Wright Express commercial-use gas card, a NCDOT state gas pump pro-key, and an ECU gas pump pro-key.  Please see reference the Fueling Instructions for information on how to use the different fueling options.  Also located in the vehicle is a mileage log book with a mileage record sheet.  This sheet should be filled out by the driver at the beginning and end of the trip.