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Common Violations


Citations and Violation Explanations

If citations have met the criteria as determined by our office to be considered for appeal, then the citations will need to be appealed within 10 business days of the date they are issued before the window to appeal is closed.  Please note that if a vehicle is in violation of two or more violations, they will receive the violation of higher value.

Most common violations:

  • Unregistered/Expired permit ($35.00) - issued when vehicle does not have a valid ECU permit while parking on campus, the permit displayed has expired, or when the vehicle is not properly registered
  • Unauthorized zone ($20.00) - issued when a vehicle that does have a valid ECU permit is parked in a zone that is not appropriate for their permit
  • Overtime ($15.00) - issued when a vehicle is parked at an expired meter (time ran out) or when a vehicle is parked too long  in a loading zone
  • No parking area ($25.00) - issued when a vehicle is parked at a broken/malfunctioning meter, in a fire zone, or in an area that is not designated for parking; also issued when parked on yellow lines
  • No permit displayed ($5.00) - issued when a registered vehicle is parked on campus that has a current, valid ECU permit but the permit is not displayed on that vehicle
  • Outside the lines ($10.00) - issued when a vehicle is taking up two spaces
  • Parked in Handicap w/o authorization ($250) - issued when a vehicle is parked in a handicap accessible space but does not have a valid ECU permit with either an HD sticker issued from our office or a medical pass all in conjunction with a state issued handicapped placard or distinguishing license plate
  • Illegal use ($50.00) - issued when someone is using a permit for which they are not authorized to use, i.e. when a student, faculty or staff member uses Departmental Guest Permits or abuses Courtesy Permits

**For a complete list of violations, please refer to the link to the right under P & T Ordinances.