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Emergency Blue-Light Phones

Approximately 100 Emergency Blue-Light Phones have been strategically placed throughout the campuses of ECU for use in EMERGENCY situations. If you observe a potential safety hazard, require assistance, notice suspicious activity, feel unsafe, or need a walking escort,simply push the red emergency button which will instantly connect you to ECU Police Dispatch. Please stand near the phone until the dispatcher has started communication with you. If your physical safety is in danger, please activate the phone and locate a safe place. Once a phone has been activated, an officer will be summoned to that phone's location. Many of these phones are within sight of our many CCTV cameras. Use of the Emergency Blue-Light Phones should be limited to emergency situations, or for reporting crimes or suspicious activities in progress only.

The phones are intended to increase the safety of the campus community and are a quick and easily accessible method of reporting crimes to the ECU Police Department.

Click HERE for a campus map of all Emergency Blue-Light Phones.