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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the University Police Department’s jurisdiction?

The ECU Police Department has jurisdiction within the geographical boundaries of all university property, adjoining roads, streets, and highways leading upon university property, and all property owned or leased by the university. An ECU Police Officer is authorized to stop a vehicle or person who is observed committing a violation on university property. Additionally, officers are authorized to engage in “hot pursuit” that leaves university property when the officer is pursuing a violator or suspect who has committed a violation on campus and is fleeing from that officer. Other law enforcement agencies within Pitt County, such as the Greenville Police Department, Pitt County Sheriff’s Office, or North Carolina Highway Patrol, may also request the assistance of the ECU Police Department in what is called a “mutual aid agreement,” and depending on the agreement, may grant the ECU Police Department the powers of arrest outside of its usual territorial jurisdiction.

What is the number one crime on campus?

The most common crime that occurs on campus is LARCENY. You can avoid being a statistic in this category by using simple common sense, such as securely locking your bicycle, or always locking your door - even if you're only going to be out for a few minutes. Visit our Safety Tips page for valuable information to keep you from being victimized on campus.

Where can I go to get information about parking on campus?

All questions relating to parking on the ECU Campus (i.e., parking permits, maps, parking zones, parking citations) are handled by Parking and Transportation Services. Their office is located at 305 E. Tenth Street (directly beside McDonald's) or you can contact them at (252) 328-6294.

Who do I call if I lock my keys in my vehicle or if my vehicle needs to be jump-started?

If you find yourself in either of these situations during normal business hours (8:00 am – 5:00 pm) please call Parking and Transportation Services at (252) 328-6294. After business hours you may call Police Telecommunicators at (252) 327-6787, or use any Emergency Blue-Light Phone, and an officer will assist you.

What is a Campus Appearance Ticket?

A Campus Appearance Ticket (CAT) is an enforcement tool utilized by the ECU Police Department. It is the beginning of the university's judicial system and requires a student to schedule a meeting with the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities to discuss a violation. It is important to note that the CAT is not a criminal charge. This document can also serve as a ban notice for non-students. As a ban notice it directs an individual not to return to ECU property for one (1) year or longer. The consequences for returning to the property could be a criminal charge for trespassing. Ban notices may be appealed to the Chief of Police IN WRITING. For more information regarding the appeal process, please call (252) 328-6964.

What happens to someone who is arrested on campus?

When someone is placed under arrest he/she is transported to the Pitt County Detention Center, located at 124 New Hope Road, Greenville, where they will appear before a magistrate. If the person is an ECU student, he/she will be referred to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities as well. If the person is not a student, he/she may also be referred to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, be banned from all ;ECU property, or be issued a North Carolina Uniform Citation instead of a physical arrest.

What should I do if I am involved in a traffic accident on campus?

If you are involved in a traffic accident, contact the ECU Police Department as soon as possible at (252) 328-6787, dial 911, or use an Emergency Blue-Light Phone. Be prepared to tell the Police Telecommunicator where the accident occurred, whether or not there are any injuries, how many vehicles are involved, and the colors and types of the vehicles. A police officer will respond to your location.

How do I make an anonymous report to the police?

To make an anonymous report of criminal activity to the police you can contact the ECU Police Department at (252) 328-6215, or online at our Anonymous Crime Report page. If you utilize this means of reporting a crime, please do so responsibly and provide as much information about the incident as possible. The ECU Police Department will also respect your privacy in reporting an incident that may be sensitive to your living arrangement when filing a report with an officer.

What do I do if I receive a citation?

There are a few different forms of citations or “tickets,” including Parking Citations, Warning Citations, and North Carolina Uniform Citations. If you receive a:

Parking Citation - you will have the option of either paying the amount noted on the citation online through ECU Pirate Port or in person at Parking and Transportation Services. If you would like to appeal the parking ticket, information is located HERE or you may call (252) 328-6294 for further information.

Warning Citation - the ECU Police Officer, as well as your copy of the citation, will provide instructions on what you need to do.

North Carolina Uniform Citation - the ECU Police Officer, as well as your copy of the citation, will indicate if you are required to appear, and where to appear, in district court for the offense charged. If an appearance in court is mandatory, you must be in attendance on the scheduled date and time at the Pitt County Courthouse in the appointed room. You can also check the online court calendar by clicking HERE.

What do I do if I am receiving harassing phone calls or e-mails?

If you live on campus you should contact the ECU Police Department at (252) 328-6787 and provide us with complete details about the calls. Information such as how often, the duration of the calls, the times of the calls, what the caller is saying or not saying, and if they have threatened you in any way. If you wish, a police officer will respond to your location and take a complete report about the harassment you are receiving, and give you information and options about how to handle this problem. It should be noted that North Carolina Law defines harassing phone calls as using profane, indecent, or threatening language to any person over the telephone, annoying or harassing by repeated telephoning, or making false statements over the telephone (NCGS 14-196). It is also important to note that this law also applies to electronic communication and electronic mail. You may request to have your on campus residence telephone number changed through University ITCS at (252) 328-9866.

Does the University Police Department offer fingerprinting services?

Yes, the University Police provides fingerprinting services for ECU students, faculty, staff, and potential Police Department employees. Contact the Police Department for a convenient time to be fingerprinted. For fingerprinting service on main campus, please call (252) 328-6787. For fingerprinting on Health Sciences Campus call (252) 744-2246. You will be required to show a photo ID.

Who do I contact to have a building unlocked?

We no longer accept requests for building unlocks. All requests go through the Registrar's Office and are scheduled through Resource 25.

Who do I contact to file a complaint or a compliment about an officer?

You may contact the Professional Standards Lieutenant at (252) 328-6266, or you can complete the online Citizen Complaint Form.

How can I get a copy of a police report?

You must submit a WRITTEN REQUEST by completing the online form,Police Report Request,or you can pick up a request form in-person by coming to the police department. After receipt of your written request, reports will be available for pick-up at Police Dispatch in approximately five (5) business days. There is no charge for this service. If you have additional questions regarding police reports, please contact the ECU Records Clerk at (252) 328-1971.

What is the University's Policy on Alcohol?

The legal age to drink alcoholic beverages in North Carolina is 21. Procuring or providing alcohol to someone under 21 is a misdemeanor offense, and in some cases has resulted in jail time for offenders. Please refer to the Student Code of Conduct - Alcohol Policy;for all policies regarding the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages on campus.

Are firearms permitted on campus?

Please refer to the University Regulation Concerning Weapons on Campus for a complete description of university policy as it relates to state laws and regulations concerning weapons on campus.