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How To Order - Office Supplies

Office supplies are on state term contract.  East Carolina University Department of Materials Management currently provides three options for purchasing office supplies:

1)    PORT ~ Forms and Supply, Inc. (FSI Office), Office Depot, and Staples punch-out catalogs are available in PORT.  Orders are entered online in PORT and are transmitted directly to the vendor upon completion of required approvals (approval workflow is determined by each Division).  These requisitions do not come to Materials Management.  Purchase orders are indicated by a number that starts with “ST” (i.e. ST010970) and internal journal entries are processed to charge these expenses to the end-users FOAPAL code.

Orders are bulked shipped to ECU Central Stores and Receiving, unpacked, and delivered to your desktop by Central Stores’ personnel.  Approved orders submitted in PORT by 3:00 p.m. are delivered within 24 hours.


NOTE~ Minimum order requirements may apply:  Staples - $40.00; Office Dept - $0.00; Forms and Supply - $0.00.


      2)    Central Stores’ Catalog Orders ~  PORT users can access the Central Stores’ Office Supply catalog online to place orders for stocked items.  The office supply catalog is located in the ECU PORT Marketplace window of the Home/Shop page in PORT.  To shop by category, select the East Carolina University Office Supply icon, enter an asterisk (*) in the search box, and click on search.  Office supply items stocked in Central Stores are listed by category in the bulletin board on the left side of the page where additional search features are located. 


Paper is a common office supply item available through Central Stores.  All available colors and types can be viewed through the online catalog in PORT.


3)    ProCard ~ All ProCard users may register and process office supply orders directly on the web at These orders are also transmitted electronically with a 24-hour delivery for orders placed before 5:00 p.m. and are paid via the user’s ProCard.  A priced packing list is sent with each order and is processed on the ProCard like any other statement.  The user has all the benefits of reallocating these charges online in WORKS to different FOAPs as needed.  To use this site you must register for a User ID and Password. 

These steps should be taken to register as a new user:

1)      Go to  

2)      From the Welcome page click on “Register”

3)      Complete the fields marked with a red asterisk ( * )

a.       For “FRS Numbers” enter 123456 in the first block only

b.      Your supervisor’s name and email is required.  He or she will receive an email asking approval to set up your ID (this is a one-time process).

4)      Click “Register” when you have entered your information

5)      You will receive an email from Staples with the Company ID, and your User ID and Password

6)      When you “submit” your first order you will be asked to indicate a Payment Option.  You should select credit card, VISA, enter your ProCard number and expiration date, and you can save this data to your profile for the next time you place an order.

If you have already registered with StaplesLink, you may go directly to the site at and enter the following info:

1)      Company ID:  1010343ATL

2)      User ID:   (as assigned to you)

3)      Password:  (as assigned to you)

4)      If you can’t remember your User ID and Password, click “Forgot your ID and/or Password”, enter your email address and click “submit”.  You will receive an email from Staples with this information. 

5)      The next time you visit , the company ID should populate automatically for you.          

Note:  The local Office Depot and Staples stores are retail shops and not contract sites.  The local stores should only be used in cases when you are purchasing non-contract items or when you find yourself in a bind and a 24-hour turnaround is not sufficient.  The local stores should not be your primary source for office supplies.  Additionally, and are general consumer retail websites and are not contract sites for East Carolina University.