Business Services
Materials Management - Staff




KEVIN CARRAWAYDirector of Materials Management: Policy and procedure matters for all of Materials Management, purchasing and contracts, capital improvement projects, systems integrity overall management, and strategic direction for the department. or 328-1009

PHIL DEPALMA Associate Director of Purchasing: Policy and procedure matters, purchasing and contracts, capital improvement projects, systems integrity overall management, and strategic direction for the department. or 328-6047

ELAINE GARRIS- Assistant Director, Storeroom Operations/Fixed Assets: Oversee operation of Central Stores and Receiving and Fixed Assets. Procurement of office supplies, furniture, open office panel systems, window treatments, blinds, carpet, Fisher and VWR contract purchases, athletic equipment supplies and promotional items. Administrator for the Wright Express Gas Card Program or 328-6289

TIM DAUGHTRY- Procurement of printing, communications, electronic and electrical equipment and supplies, facilities maintenance equipment and supplies, heavy equipment, athletic/recreational equipment and supplies, fuels, vehicle/bus purchases, police equipment and supplies, purchasing demolition project manager. or 328-1006

STACEY SCHLEY Creates, negotiates, reviews, approves and executes contracts and agreements, including consultant services, personal/professional services, general services, confidential and non-disclosure agreements, medical contractual agreements, technical service contracts, preventive maintenance contracts, and; Complex commodity and service bids, construction projects, tracking and reporting of personal service contracts and approve Contractual Services Payment Request forms. or 328-1012

JEFFREY MEYER -Procurement of computers, custom software, and software maintenance; car rental contract, & IT contracts, audio visual equipment and supplies, photographic equipment and supplies. or 328-1007

SUSAN THOMAS- Procurement of medical, scientific and research equipment and supplies, gases and cylinders. or 328-1014


BECKY PRESTON Business Services Coordinator / Office Administrator: Administer the American Express Corporate Card Program; responsible for all personnel actions and department budget. or 328-1011

SHERRY FRANKS Admin Support Specialist / Bid Coordinator, Contract Coordinator: Administrative Assistant to Director and Associate Director of Materials Management, Assistant to Contracts Manager, federal surplus procedures, ECU ID numbers, and departmental support services.  or 328-1008

CAROLYN CARRAWAYAdmin Support Specialist / Purchasing Assistant: Invoice problems, liaison for Accounts Payable, assists Purchasing Specialists, process and maintain the Blanket Order files and database, generate reports and expedite for year-end closing. or 328-1010

TORI RUSS Admin Support Associate / Receptionist: PORT requisitions, messages, appointments, conference room reservations, mail, standing order charge cards, Courtesy Parking permits, maintenance work orders, ProCard pickup, and backup for Contractual Services Payment Request forms. or 328-6434


LAUREN RYAN –Develop policies and procedures and maintain the departmental policy manual and user's guide; perform audit functions including ProCard, Purchasing, and Stores; maintain compliance with State regulations and University policies; education and training functions; Gift Cards, 3rd Party Lodging, other projects as assigned by the Director of Materials Management. or 328-1013


FRANCES FLOWERS - Procurement Card Administration and day-to-day operations of the ECU ProCard Program and Bank of America WORKS system, enforce policies, conduct training classes, routine audits, fraud, disputes, and liaison with Bank of America. or 328-2761

MELISSA EAKES - Administers day-to-day operations of the ECU ProCard Program and Bank of America WORKS system. or 737-1852

DEBBIE STEINMETZ - Administers day-to-day operations of the ECU ProCard Program and Bank of America WORKS system. or 328-0137


CHUCK BOULINEAU- Tech Support Analyst / Systems Administrator: Administration of PORT purchasing system, training coordinator, systems reporting, IT department consultant, create / maintain ship codes, and WEB page coordinator. or 328-1924

STEPHANIE STROUD- Tech Support Technician: Trainer for PORT purchasing system, assist with PORT systems administration, PORT end-user questions and support, liaison for Accounts Payable, logging & tracking of Contractual Services Payment Request forms, and back up for change order requests, systems reporting, and ship codes. or 328-5436


SEAN GALARNEAU - Central Stores Manager (744-2249): Supervision and daily administration of Central Stores, East Campus shipping and receiving, and Central Stores inventory. Procurement of maintenance supplies for resale in Central Stores, Leased space coordinator, Surplus Property.

JOHN CHESTNUTT– Support Services Associate (328-9941): Deliveries.

ERVIN MILLS– Support Services Associate (328-9941): Deliveries.

RUTHIE FAIRBANKS - Admin Support Specialist (328-9941): Warehouse billing and office support duties.

JEFFERY GAY - Admin Support Associate (328-9941):Process the incoming and outgoing surplus property for sales and non-profit transfers, assist campus staff with inquires concerning surplus availability, assist with lease space for the university, and assist with showing surplus items to bidders.

JOHNNIE THOMPSON- Admin Support Associate (328-9937): Counter sales and service, delivery assistance, invoices, shipping and receiving.

JASON BEASLEY- Admin Support Associate (328-9936): Office supply billing, inventory maintenance, office support duties, counter sales, and shipping and receiving.

WAYNE LEGETTE – Admin Support Associate (328-9941): Stage equipment and furniture for surplus sales, show equipment and furniture to customers by appointment, assist the Fixed Assets Office by listing relevant equipment that is being surplused, and provide assistance with lease space for the university.


LAURA WILLIAMS - Fixed Assets Coordinator (328-9931): Responsible for the supervision and administration of the Fixed Assets and Surplus Property area including the maintenance and enhancement of the Fixed Assets on-line systems, generation and distribution of all reports and inventories and capital equipment tagging.

RENEE GRIFFIN - Administrative Support Specialist (328-9863): Receptionist for Fixed Assets office, updates annual inventory reports, performs spot checks, handles EFRF and work orders, assist departments with questions, applies for vehicle tags and updates the monthly vehicle list. Maintains appointment calendar for surplus.


SEAN GALARNEAU, Medical Storeroom Manager (744-2249) - Brody Building shipping and receiving, and medical storeroom inventory.

CHRIS HOLDER, Stock Clerk (328-9941) - Medical Storeroom deliveries, receiving, stocking.

DAVID "WAYNE" YARBOROUGH, Shipping & Receiving Clerk (328-9934) - Shipping/receiving and deliveries.

PATTY LANHAM, Gas Cylinder Program (744-3316) - Medical Storeroom receiving, stocking and deliveries.