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Central Stores Services

Counter Sales

This service is provided for maintenance personnel as well as other departments to obtain needed maintenance supplies for use on campus. The maintenance supply sales counter is located in the Central Stores facility at 1150 South Greene Street. A work order and correct accounting code is needed and required to obtain items from the maintenance supply warehouse.


Empty Toner Cartridge Pickup

Central Stores collects empty toner cartridges used throughout the University. Once a new cartridge is placed in your printer, please place the old cartridge in the same box and call 328-9941 for pick up.  These empty cartridges are then returned to a supplier so they can be legally and properly remanufactured or recycled.


Central Stores offers contract office chairs through the office supply section of Central Stores.  Chairs are available on site to inspect and order.  Chairs available from Central Stores are listed in the ECU Office Supply catalog in PORT.  Requisitions are submitted to Central Stores via PORT and in-stock chairs are delivered within 48 hours. 

Labor and Use Charges for Additional Services

There are occasions when we are asked to provide labor, use of forklift or delivery vehicle, or provide temporary holding. When assistance is needed outside the daily realm of the warehouse operations additional charges may be applied. These are treated on a case by case basis. When requests are made, a correct departmental account code is needed for charge purposes. Please call 328-9941 to request service or for questions. The following rates apply:

Fork lift - $30.00 up to the first hour, $25.00 per hour thereafter

Delivery vehicle - $25.00 up to the first hour, $20.00 per hour thereafter

Temporary Holding - materials may be held for thirty days at no charge.  Leased space rates will be applied after thirty days.

Leased Space

Central Stores offers warehouse type, non conditioned space for departmental storage use. A per square foot monthly charge is applied to the department for the area needed.  Items acceptable for storage are furniture to include desks, chairs, filing cabinets, bookcases or any other item/s that would not need a conditioned environment. Hazardous or contaminated items are not allowed. Please contact Central Stores at 328-9941 with questions concerning leased space.

Leased space charges for non-conditioned space - $0.25 per square foot per month.

Leased space charges for conditioned space - $0.50 per square foot per month

Receiving Services/ Dock Delivery

Air express packages and other UPS, FedEx, or DHL deliveries are shipped directly to departments according to the delivery address stated on the purchase order.  Bulk ground orders via common carrier or truck freight, and other deliveries are received by Central Receiving personnel during normal business hours of 8:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-5:00pm Monday-Friday. The receiving dock is located at our facility on 1150 South Greene Street.  These deliveries are noted on daily delivery logs and are delivered within 48 hours after receipt to the address noted on the shipping label. Shipping personnel will notify departments prior to delivery to verify drop off locations. Please call Central Receiving at 328-9941 if you have questions or need assistance.

Additional information is available in the ECU Business Manual:

Receiving Purchased Items
Using the Central Receiving Services

Shipping Services - East Campus

Central Stores can ship your business packages to off-campus sites.  We have negotiated lower shipping rates with FedEx and UPS, which provides a cost savings to the University.

East Campus departments who need to ship a package via FedEx or UPS should take the following steps before turning the package or shipment over to Central Stores and Receiving for processing:

1.    Prepare and seal the contents in the appropriate packaging. If an overnight letter or package envelope is needed, it will be provided by the shipping office. If appropriate packaging is not available please call 328-9941 for assistance.    Very Important: If the contents of the shipment can be considered "hazardous" please take time to read the Hazardous Material Shipping Guidelines and notify our shipping department at 328-9941. If the shipment is to an international destination, (shipping out of the country) the department is required to notify the Office of Export Controls at 744-2395, or ECUExportControls@ecu.edu to receive approval for shipping prior to notifying Central Stores. Please notify Central Stores at 328-9941 if your package cannot be shipped via FedEx or UPS such as those shipments that require the use of LTL type shipping due to weight and size, commonly referred to as common carrier.

2.  “Ship to” locations are required and should be noted as follows: A “ship to” label is required to be affixed to the package/s or envelope and the “ship to” location is required on the campus requisition. Please note: Carriers will not deliver to post office boxes. Package/s or envelopes must have the recipient’s name, company name, street name or number, building name or number, city, state, country, and correct zip code. Also, it would be helpful to provide the recipient’s telephone number if possible. All international shipments require a recipients phone number. This information is used to enter the shipping information in a web based application for processing shipments.

3.  A campus requisition form is needed for all outbound shipments to include department name, date of shipment, department phone number, a correct departmental charge account number, and the appropriate approval signature. The description and instructions must contain the carrier (i.e. FedEx, UPS) & level of service (i.e. overnight, second day air, ground) you wish to use, the street address of the recipient (carriers will not deliver to post office boxes), a declared value of the contents if you wish to insure the shipment, and who will be paying for the charges (i.e. bill recipient, bill sender). The requisition is also used to process monthly freight bill charges to the departments. Printed campus requisition forms can be obtained from the office supply section of Central Stores if needed.

4.  Please call Central Stores and Receiving at 328-9941 when your package is ready for pick up and shipment. Receiving personnel will pick up the package from your campus location.  Note: To guarantee shipping on the same day, Central Stores must have the package on site by 3:30pm. This will allow time for processing the shipment and have it ready for pick-up by the shipping company by 4:00 pm. Any packages received after 3:30pm will be shipped the following day unless priority shipping arrangements are made.

Voucher Purchases

This service is provided for departments on east and west campus for daily purchases and pickups from local vendors for items that are not inventoried in Central Stores. Departments using this service must provide the proper account number that is to be charged, a work order number if applicable, and a list of the items that are needed. The requested items are ordered and picked up by Central Stores and delivered to the department upon request.