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Fixed Assets

What if the equipment is . . .

Fixed Assets is responsible for proper accounting of all equipment with a purchase (or donation) cost of $5,000 or more and useful life of more than one year, EDP equipment with a purchase cost of $2,500 or more. It is recommended that departments’ have an internal tracking procedure for equipment under the aforementioned dollar thresholds for accountability purposes. A suggested Inventory Tracking form can be found under forms on this webpage.

Being Moved? - within ECU

(1) Go to Equipment / Furniture Removal Request Form and enter a service request via the Facilities Service Work Order System for Moving Services.

(2) Facilities Services should then batch and send the original copy of the form to Fixed Assets on a weekly basis.

These steps will insure the location changes on the Fixed Assets System are changed appropriately and accurately. Also, departments should keep a copy of the form for their inventory records.


Being Surplused? -the equipment is obsolete
Enter a service request via the Facilities Service Work Order System for Moving Services. Please make sure all the information requested is given and accurate. Note on the request that the item(s) go to Surplus. Departments should keep a copy of the form for their inventory records.

Equipment (not moved within ECU or transferred to another government agency or non-profit agency) is placed on bid list through State Surplus Property Agency in Raleigh. Individuals may bid on these items. For information regarding the bid process, go to http://www.doa.state.nc.us/ssp/sspcontents.htm.

Obtaining Surplus Property for campus use? -
University departments are offered the use of equipment which has been turned into the Surplus Property Warehouse. There is no charge made for this equipment. Department’s should contact the University Surplus Property Department and arrange a time to inspect surplus items for possible use by a department.

Departments interested in surplus property items should visit the warehouse and inspect the material to ensure suitability. Since the material is on a “first- come first –serve basis”, the item selected will be tagged for the department and held for 10 business days. The department is responsible for submitting a moving services request for the item(s) to be delivered to their department. The department is responsible for contacting the Surplus Property Office to extend the 10 day deadline.


If equipment cannot be located, forward a memorandum to Fixed Assets regarding the situation and including the equipment description and ECU Property Number. If there is no documentation for the equipment being surplused or stolen, the equipment is considered lost. The equipment will be placed on the Lost List for two years. Annually (in the fall), departments with lost inventory will again look for those items on their list.

If equipment is stolen, the proper authority (ECU Police, PCMH Security) is to be notified so that a police/security report may be completed. ECU Police and PCMH Security forward copies of police/security reports involving University owned equipment to the Fixed Assets Section of the Materials Management Department for updating the University Inventory system. If ECU property is stolen while off campus, the appropriate Police Department should be notified, and also notify the Fixed Assets office and forward all reports to them. This should take place for all University property regardless of cost.

If equipment becomes irreparable, but certain parts or components can be used to maintain other similar pieces of equipment, the irreparable item can be cannibalized. A cannibalization form must be completed and forwarded to the Fixed Assets Section of the Materials Management Department. This form can be accessed by going to the Fixed Assets webpage listed on the Materials Management Department Website.

Going Off-Site? - Off-campus on a temporary or annual basis
Any time faculty or staff members or other authorized persons take University- owned property off campus an Equipment Tracking Form should be completed with appropriate Department Head originator granting permission for this property to be moved to an off-campus location. This Form indicates the period of time the property is to be off campus, a justification, ECU tag # if appropriate and the description of the specific items involved.  If this property is to be off campus for over a week, this form should be sent to the Fixed Assets office. This form can be accessed under forms at the top of this webpage.

Permission for removal of University-owned property can be granted only for University business and not for personal use. Departments who are taking a list of equipment off-campus for use in field projects, may attach a list to the Equipment Tracking Form and state “Per Attached”.   The same process can be utilized for equipment (example: laptop computer) checked out to faculty on an annual bases.

If the Department chair is requesting to take State Property off campus, the next in authority would sign the Equipment Tracking Form granting permission.

Being Traded-In?
When equipment is to be traded in, this information should be transmitted to Materials Management along with the requisition for the new equipment.  This request accomplished by completing the Trade-in- Form located on the Materials Management website and submitted with the requisition. Materials Management will Notify Fixed Assets to seek approval (by State Surplus Property Agency in Raleigh) for the trade-in. Fixed Assets Processing time is approximately one week.  The purchase order cannot be processed until the approval is obtained.

Being Transferred? -outside ECU
Transfer of State-Owned Equipment within the State:  The transfer of any State-owned equipment to another North Carolina State-supported institution or agency requires prior approval from the State Surplus Property Office. The user requesting approval to transfer equipment should contact the Fixed Assets’ office and they will request the appropriate State approval. State institutions or agencies shall not transfer any personal property owned by the State without written authorization of the State Surplus Property office.

Transfers Outside University System:  State-owned equipment cannot be transferred to an institution outside the University of North Carolina system without prior approval from the State of N.C. Department of Administration. To obtain such approval, a detailed letter of justification must be submitted to the Fixed Assets Section of the Materials Management Department. This letter must be supported by approvals from the department head, the dean, the Grants Office and the Office of Sponsored Programs (if the equipment was originally purchased in whole or in part with Contract or Grant funds). Except for equipment originally purchased with Federal funds, reimbursement will be required from the receiving institution or organization if the property has a value of $75.00 or more.  Please allow the 30 to 60 days for processing of out of state transfers.  If the equipment is supported by a grant see the business manual policy 19 for Grants and Contracts.

Donated? - to ECU
Forward a completed Inventory Control Form for Donations and Gifts to Fixed Assets. This will initiate the equipment to be inventoried.

Vehicles, Boats, Trailers, Modular (trailers)?
License plates and registration for university-owned vehicles, etc. (not Motor Fleet) are obtained through the Fixed Assets Office. Fixed Assets will notify responsible department after obtaining the plates and registration by memorandum to initiate processing of gas card, garage records, key duplicating, and insurance.. Also, Fixed Assets maintains the monthly-updated University-Owned Vehicles List listing the vehicle.


  1. GAS CARD to Gas Card Manager at the Steam Plant (if applicable)
  2. FIRE EXTINGUISHER to Steam Plant
  3. Remove any ECU property from vehicle
  4. LICENSE PLATE, KEYS, any MILEAGE to Fixed Assets Office
  5. Go to www.ecu.edu/facility_serv/Vehicle Transaction Form.doc and complete the University Vehicle Transaction Form.

PLEASE NOTE: You will have to pay insurance for six months on any vehicle listed as of April 21. Therefore expeditious ordering and processing through Fixed Assets could save your department some insurance money.

Keep in Mind...
Annual Equipment Inventory
Each spring an annual equipment inventory list will be forwarded by the Fixed Assets Section of the Materials Management Department to University departments for physical inventory verification, updating and certification by department heads. Report will not be considered certified without the department head’s signature.

Spot Inspections
Fixed Assets Section of the Materials Management Department personnel and various auditors perform spot inspections of departmental equipment annually. The results of all spot inspections will be forwarded to the Office of Internal Audit for their records.

Fixed Assets Doesn't Do It All (but we give our all!)

To get equipment insured, see Risk Management
To get equipment moved, call Facilities Services


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