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How to Place a Campus Requisition - Maintenance Supplies

If following routine procedures:

  1. Access the Purchase Order & Requisition Tracking System (PORT) and ensure that you are on the home/shop tab.
  2. Click on East Carolina University (ECU) Maintenance Supplies icon.
  3. Search for Maintenance storeroom items by either entering an item description or catalog number in the search field. 
  4. Users who wish to shop all product categories available in the Maintenance Supply catalog may enter an asterisk * in the search field and click search.  The product categories listing will display in the bulletin board/Refine and Filter Search box located on the left hand side of the shop screen.   
  5. Product details may be displayed by clicking on the product description. Click close to close the product detail window.
  6. Enter the quantity needed and click Add to Cart to add any item to your shopping cart.
  7. For additional Maintenance Storeroom items, repeat steps 3 - 7 until all items have been added to the shopping cart.
  8. Once you have completed step 7 for the last item, click on the shopping cart in the top right-hand corner.
  9. After completing the Edit Cart step, click on “Review”.
  10. Ensure that the correct ship to and FOAP values are set for the requisition before clicking on the Submit Requisition step to complete the document.
  11. Click on the requisition number to print a copy for your records. The requisition will automatically go to the next step in the approval process.
  12. See the following link for detailed step-by-step instructions for ordering from the storeroom catalog:Hosted Storeroom Catalog Procedure
  • If an emergency/rush order is needed:
    1. Provide a copy of the PORT generated campus requisition with all approvals for the item(s) or
    2. Items may be picked up via counter ticket with a valid FOAP code.