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Medical Storeroom Services

Chemical Manager Gas Cylinder Program

The gas cylinder program was implemented in an attempt to reduce costs and paperwork associated with approximately 400 cylinders located in the Medical School complex. One consolidated invoice is generated to the University monthly and cylinders are tracked from a central location. In addition, certain cylinders are stored in quantity on site which is helpful should an "emergency" arise.

All gas cylinders for Brody and adjacent buildings are purchased through the ECU Medical Storeroom. Gas cylinder orders are received via a department generated requisition in PORT.  The Medical Storeroom stocks a high use tank inventory and works with our gas vendors to coordinate Storeroom stock. When a cylinder leaves the storage area a tracking number is affixed to the tank and that number is entered into an automated tracking/monthly rental billing system (Chemical Manager). When the tank is returned to the storeroom the number is removed and entered as "returned" in the Chemical Manager system. Throughout this process, the department that is in possession of the tank is automatically billed for the monthly rental charges.  Note:  Cylinder rentals are billed in arrears; billing is generated at the end of each month for the previous month’s charges.

As an added bonus to the cost savings, all bidding processes and State Contracts are strictly adhered to.


Medical Storeroom personnel are responsible only for the delivery and removal of cylinders from the School of Medicine laboratories. Storeroom personnel are not authorized to make connections of piping, regulators or other apparatus.  Cylinder/tank safety and the various use or attachments are the responsibility of the department using the tank.

Important Message to Departments/Gas Cylinder Users at Brody School of Medicine

Tanks delivered to departments are the responsibility of the department receiving the tanks. The cost of the gas and the monthly lease are billed to the department's FOAPAL code as stated on the requisition. Any cost incurred to the Storeroom from the gas vendor for lost or missing tanks (cylinders) will be charged to the department.

Anytime a cylinder is relocated to another room or location, please e-mail Jason Beasley with the Medical Storeroom at beasleyj15@ecu.edu . The Medical Storeroom will move tanks for departments if labs change or tanks are relocated. If assistance is required in transporting the cylinder to another location, please contact the Medical Storeroom at 328-9941.  The Medical Storeroom cannot be responsible for lost or missing tanks. It is the department's responsibility to maintain tank inventory for their respective departments.


Order Processing/Storeroom Sales

This service is provided for medical personnel as well as other departments to obtain needed medical and scientific supplies, gases, and housekeeping supplies for use in departments, clinics, labs, and classrooms. Catalogs for items stocked by the Medical Storeroom are available in PORT.  Approved requisitions are submitted to the Medical Storeroom via PORT for processing and orders are delivered by Medical Storeroom personnel to Brody, East Campus and local sites.


Receiving Services/Dock Delivery

Air express packages and other UPS, FedEx, or DHL deliveries are shipped directly to departments according to the delivery address stated on the purchase order; addresses must include a valid room number for delivery.  Bulk ground orders via common carrier or truck freight, and other deliveries are received by Receiving personnel during normal business hours of 8:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-5:00pm Monday-Friday. These deliveries are noted on daily delivery logs and are delivered within 48 hours after receipt to the address noted on the shipping label. It is critical that the department name and room number are listed on every shipment.  Shipping personnel will notify departments prior to delivery to verify drop off locations. Please call Central Receiving at 328-9941 if you have questions or need assistance.

Additional information is available in the ECU Business Manual:

Receiving Purchased Items
Using the Central Receiving Services


Shipping Services (West Campus)

The Medical Storeroom can ship your business packages to off-campus sites.  We have negotiated lower shipping rates with FedEx and UPS, which provides a cost savings to the University.

The Medical Storeroom and FedEx have implemented a TWO (2) NUMBER billing/accounting procedure to expedite the billing process. This procedure was implemented as follows:

1)  The first account number will be used strictly for all packages shipped by Brody Shipping and Receiving (GE-78) using the Federal Express PowerShip system. This account number will be used exclusively for all outbound packages that are being charged to an ECU departmental account using a campus requisition. This is an outbound/bill shipper account number only.

2)  The second account number will be used for all other packages, including Third Party Charges, Bill Recipient or Collect Packages. This number will be available from the Medical Storeroom on request. If a department needs to have something shipped collect, bill recipient or authorizes an inbound (receiving) collect charge, the second account number will be used. The Medical Storeroom will issue this number as needed.

***Note: Any charges received on the Federal Express invoice that we do not have a Campus Requisition for, will be automatically re-billed back to the shipping party.***

Medical School employees who need to ship a package via common carrier should take the following steps before turning the parcel over to the shipping personnel in Brody Shipping and Receiving, Room GE-78.

For Packages LEAVING The Brody School of Medicine that are being PAID for on an ECU account, use the Federal Express account number or if the package is being BILLED TO another company, school or individual:

  1. Prepare and seal the contents in appropriate packaging. If an overnight letter or package envelope is needed, it will be provided in the shipping office. If appropriate packaging is not available please call 328-9941 for assistance.  Very Important:  If the contents of the shipment can be considered "hazardous" please take time to read the Hazardous Materials Shipping Guidelines and notify our shipping department at 328-9941.  If the shipment is to an international destination, (shipping out of the country) the department is required to notify the Office of Research Compliance at 328-9473 to receive approval for shipping prior to notifying the Storeroom. Please notify shipping 328-9941 if your package cannot be shipped via FedEx or UPS such as those shipments that require the use of LTL type shipping due to weight and size, commonly referred to as common carrier.


  1. Fill out a campus requisition to pay the shipping charges that are incurred. The campus requisition must include the following information: Name of department, Date of the shipment, Dept phone number, Departmental address (room number), a correct departmental account number (FOAP), and the appropriate approval signature. The description must contain: the carrier (i.e. FedEx, UPS), level of service you wish to use (i.e. overnight, second day air, ground), the complete address of the recipient (remember that carriers will not deliver to post office boxes), a declared value of the contents if you wish to insure the package, and whom will be paying the shipping charges (i.e. bill recipient, bill sender).


  1. Provide one shipping label. This label should be affixed to the package. Please note: SHIPPING CARRIERS WILL NOT DELIVER TO POST OFFICE BOXES. They must have: The Recipient's Name, Company Name, Street Address, Building Name or Number, City, State, Country, and Zip Code. Also, it would be helpful to provide the recipient's telephone number if possible (all International packages do need a contact phone number to be processed).


  1. If East Carolina University or the Brody School of Medicine is not paying for the shipment, complete the appropriate carrier's freight bill in full or on a campus requisition give the appropriate FOAPAL code to charge.


  1. Deliver the package and paperwork to the shipping office (GE-78) and sign in on the outbound shipment log (this is our record of your package going out that day). *PLEASE NOTE: Shipping & Receiving should be called to pick up a package for shipment only if it is heavy or cumbersome.


  1. All departments that need a hard copy of the Campus Requisition should detach the pink or gold copy prior to forwarding to Shipping and Receiving. Campus Requisitions will not be forwarded back to the department. The Campus Requisition number can be matched to the Journal Entry in Banner.
  2. ALL international shipments must be approved by the Compliance office. Please call 328-9474

Please try to have all of your shipments in the shipping office as soon as possible, but no later than 3:00 p.m. for same day service.  This allows shipping personnel entry time for packages before couriers begin to arrive.

For packages being BILLED TO a Department at The Brody School of Medicine as a Third Party, Bill Recipient or Collect Billing charged by an outside company, university, individual, etc.:

1.   Obtain from the shipper billing your department a Contact Name, Shipping Address and Phone Number and then call the Medical Storeroom at 328-9941

2.   Give the information you received from the shipping contact to the Medical Storeroom representative and the Medical Storeroom will give you the appropriate account number to use.

3.   After contacting the Medical Storeroom, fill out a Campus Requisition with the same information as if you are taking the package to the Shipping and Receiving department and send it to the Medical Storeroom so your department can be billed when the charge arrives.

4.   PLEASE NOTE: Any packages on a bill that the Medical Storeroom does not have a Campus Requisition for will be billed back to the shipper.

A Third Party billing is if someone outside of your department has a package delivered to another individual outside of your department and you have given them our account number to charge.

A Bill Recipient package is a package delivered to you from an outside individual that you have told our account number to and authorized them to charge it.

Important! Any shipments charged to the University that are not handled in the shipping office (i.e. drop off, collects, out of town) must still generate a campus requisition to pay for the charges incurred. Shipments will not be processed without a completed campus requisition.

Questions regarding shipping should be directed to 328-9941