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Materials Management - ProCard



Examples of Expenses

Authorized transactions

  • State contract items purchased through State contract vendors
  • Memberships and organization dues*
  • Licenses such as nurses, doctors, etc.
  • Subscriptions – To a business address / Annual Only / includes software subscriptions*
  • Conference registrations (all ECU Travel policies apply)*
  • Publications*
  • Interlibrary Loans
  • Postage and stamps
  • Express shipping & freight
  • Advertising
  • Certifications*
  • Office and lab supplies and equipment (contract vendors)
  • Software (prepackaged or approved by ITCS), accessories and peripherals
  • Maintenance contract/agreement payments with initial contract approval by Materials Management on file and documented with statement
  • Air, bus and train fares (Additional approval required. One checked bag allowed each way. No candidate tickets.)
  • Promotional items with approval from funding source and logo review, as required.
  • Student group travel (Additional approval required)

*Required to be paid on ProCard (some exceptions apply - merchant does not accept VISA, foundation funds are being used to purchase the item, purchase amount is over the single transaction limit of the ProCard).

Unauthorized Purchases

  • NO purchases for personal use
  • NO purchases over designated spending limits 
  • NO split ticket purchases to circumvent the single purchase limit
  • NO animals
  • NO weapons and ammunition
  • NO purchases from pawn shops
  • NO controlled substances (Drugs, Alcohol, Fireworks)
  • NO payments to individuals, consultants or employees (Vendor must provide a FEIN number versus a SSN)
  • NO purchases from University storerooms (must go through PORT)
  • NO travel, such as lodging, food/meals, car rentals, gas, trip protection/insurance, seat charges/upgrades, early check-in, taxis, tours, additional functions, candidate travel, etc. 
  • NO food, such as meals, restaurants, caterers, fast food vendors, prepared food, etc.  Approved food from grocery stores requires a legit business purpose, itemized receipt, flier/meeting announcement and list of attendees.
  • NO beverages other than Coca-Cola products in small quantities. (Coke has the exclusive rights on campus.)
  • NO entertainment
  • NO Cash Advances
  • NO Gifts / Contributions
  • NO Gift Cards, Incentives or Prize Purchases without prior approval per the "Gift Cards, Incentives and Prize Purchases" procedure found at
  • NO purchases from Foundation funds
  • NO computers or laptops
  • NO items requiring the signing or click-to-agree of a vendor agreement or terms and conditions in order to complete the purchase, except those vendors whose terms have been approved by Materials Management and/or ITCS, as required.  Must be documented on the statement.  (Ex. Customizable software)
  • NO payments to ECU for classes or for Parking & Transportation. (Use an IDT)
  • NO payments that involve making changes to facilities

Exceptions may apply.