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ECU Staff Senate - Committees

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ECU Staff Senate - Committees

The ECU Staff Senate has a variety of standing sub-committees (shown below) that serve the senate in various areas. All members of the Staff Senate are expected to participate in a sub-committee. In addition to standing sub-committees listed below, special needs can arise, and there may be ad hoc committees appointed by the Executive Committee in order to work on special projects. As appropriate, any existing committees functioning at ECU may be incorporated into the committee structure of the Senate. The Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources will appoint ex-officio members to committees as he/she sees fit.

By-Laws Committee
This committee exists to review and update the by-laws to remain consistent with the Senate actions as they are deemed necessary. This committee will receive resolutions and bring them to the floor for discussions and inclusion into the updated by-laws.

Communications and Marketing Committee
This committee handles the promotion of information and events the Chancellor's Staff Senate examines and/or acts upon. The committee also works with administration to devise effective strategies to educate employees on key topics and/or policies.

Diversity Committee
This committee exists to contribute to the welfare of university staff and to foster the interaction, integration, and representation of different races, ethnicity, cultures, national origins, abilities, religions, sexual orientations, intellectual positions and perspectives throughout our university community.

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee will meet at least once a month outside the regular Senate meetings. Members of the Executive Committee are elected by a majority vote of the Senate representatives at the second meeting of each year. This group will be responsible for developing the agenda for the upcoming Senate meeting.

Human Resource Services Committee
This committee provides input on relevant personnel policies and provides advisory input on issues related to compensation and benefits issues.

Membership Committee
This committee will handle the nomination and election process each year. This committee may also assist with membership issues including addressing members not attending meetings, assigning alternates to assume missing members' seats, etc.

Leadership and Professional Development Committee
This committee is an ad-hoc committee formed to develop a professional development series for the Staff Senate. Through increased leadership development, members of the Staff Senate will be able to lead more effectively within their respective Divisions.

Recognition and Rewards Committee
This committee will work on recognition programs for the staff.

Scholarship Committee
The Scholarship Committee is a committee formed to develop the guidelines and application process for the Gail Jordan Memorial Scholarship and the Children of SHRA Scholarship.

Staff Assembly Golf Tournament Committee
The Staff Assembly is the governing body over all Staff Senates in the UNC System. Each year, they host a golf tournament to raise money for the Janet B. Royster Scholarship Fund, which provides scholarships to eligible staff members across the UNC System. This committee is in charge of assisting with the planning, promotion, sponsorship and execution of the Golf Tournament.