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ECU Staff Senate - Pirate Perks

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Vendor Information

Thank you for your interest in ECU's Pirate Perks program, administered by the ECU Staff Senate. This program is designed to attract exclusive discounts and unique benefits for ECU employees only, and not available to the general public.

We especially encourage local Greenville-area companies in the retail, service, or travel sectors to become a Pirate Perk Participant. However, those outside the Greenville-area may also submit an application to become a Pirate Perk participant.

We do not accept offers to provide "perk cards" through the Pirate Perks program.

How Does This Work?
As a business offering a Pirate Perk, you should always require that a ECU ID be shown before any perk is given to a customer. All ECU employees have identification cards, which come in various colors. The front of the card should show "EAST CAROLINA UNIVERSITY" at the top and the employee's name, photograph, and employee designation (faculty, staff) below. A magnetic strip is on the back of the card, along with a card holder statement.

Note: when an ECU employee leaves the university, it is required that the card be returned. Therefore, if an ECU employee presents an ECU ID card, you can be sure they are a current employee.

Pirate Perks are for ECU employees only! Student discounts should be handled through other means.

Instructions/How to Apply
If you are interested in offering a discount/benefit to ECU employees, you will need to fill out the new perk application form. The ECU Staff Senate Marketing & Communications committee will review your application. You may be contacted if your information needs clarification or if more info is needed. The committee will then determine whether to accept or reject the application. In either case, you will be contacted.

New Pirate Perk Application form

What We Ask of You
If you are accepted into the Pirate Perks program, we will need your help in several areas:

  • We ask that you thoroughly educate your employees about the specific Pirate Perk discount or benefit. If we receive complaints from ECU employees about not being able to use a perk at your place of business, we may discontinue the perk.
  • Make sure your information on our web site stays current (contact person, discount, location, etc.). If you need to make changes to your perk, please complete the update/renew perk application form below.
  • Once a year, usually in September, you will be asked to renew your perk to ensure it stays on our web site and is marketed to our employees. To renew your perk, complete the update/renew perk application form below. Renewals cannot be completed early. They are only allowed when we send out the request. You will have 30 days from the request to get the renewal form completed.
  • If at all possible, we ask that you display the Pirate Perks window decal at your business' entrance or near the checkout area(s) of your business, if patrons visit your business' location. If you did not receive a decal/sticker via mail, please email us at at or at 252-328-6144.

What We Will Do For You
Once you have been accepted into the Pirate Perks program, we will provide the following:

  • When your perk is accepted, we will add it to our website, provide you with a decal to display at your business, and promote your information to ECU employees through electronic communications from the Staff Senate.
  • All Staff Senators (of whom represent the entire university staff) will be notified of this new perk and will do their best to communicate this information to their constituents.
  • We will contact you once a year (usually in the early Fall) reminding you that it is time to renew your perk information. We may contact you at other times if changes are made to the Pirate Perks program.

The Staff Senate may discontinue your Pirate Perk if:

  • it is determined that a previously approved (and published) perk is not being granted to ECU employees;
  • if it is determined that the perk you are offering can be obtained without being an employee of ECU;
  • if undisclosed exclusions, limitations, or requirements are not made known to the Staff Senate during the application process but are being required in order to receive the perk;
  • if complaints surface by ECU employees indicating consistent difficulty in trying to get the perk;
  • if you do not renew your Pirate Perk via the Perk Update/Renewal form by the deadline.

East Carolina University does not evaluate, endorse, or warrant the products or services offered by the Pirate Perks business partners. ECU and Pirate Perks business partners have the right to discontinue the partnership at any time.

PDF Download the Pirate Perks Guidelines