What is Banner?
This is Banner.

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Check this list frequently for news related to Banner and it's launch this Spring!

This is a listing of helpful resources in case you encounter problems during registration.
This walk through uses screenshots to help you navigate the Banner Registration system.
This walk through uses screenshots to help you look up classes in the new Banner Registration system.
Here are 10 quick steps for easy Banner Registration.
How does Banner affect registration for DE students? Click to find out.
We've added a Banner FAQ to be updated with YOUR submitted questions.

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We know why you're here. We know you are looking for an answer. It's the question that brought you here.

"What is Banner?"

Banner is the new method of class registration at East Carolina University. Throughout this website you will find information about the new Banner system, as well as what you need to do to be prepared for it's launch. Familiarize yourself with the new method of registration through the Banner Walk Through or the 10 Steps to Banner Registration.  And if you need help, be sure to consult the Banner Help, and Banner Questions. Be sure and check back frequently as updates will be coming fast and furious. Got a question? Feel free to contact us by clicking the "Help" Post-It on every page.

Welcome to the new world. This is Banner.

Banner Quick Fact:
There are two key number codes you should know for registration, here's the difference:

Banner ID - Under the new Banner system, all students are given a Banner ID number. This Banner ID will become your official ECU Student ID replacing your social security number which you currently use.

You can find your Banner ID number under General Profile on your OneStop page.

Registration Pin- For Fall 2007 course registration, undergraduate students use the 6 digit pin provided by your advisor (add “0” in front of the summer 5 digit code you received from your advisor). For Graduate students, no Banner Registration Pin number is needed for registration.