What is Banner?
This is Banner.

Important Registration Information for Distance Education Students

Summer Registration

March 19- 20

March 30 - May 16   Summer I

March 30 - June 22 Summer II

Take this opportunity to contact your advisor and discuss registration. Your academic advisor will assist you with clarifying your academic goals and deciding on the appropriate courses for which to register. Once you select your courses, communicate with the registration contact from your department via e-mail or phone to request to register for courses. A listing of advisors and registration contacts is available on the Options website (www.options.ecu.edu ). Select “Current Students” from the left hand menu, then select “Academic Advisors” under Registration. Classes fill quickly so we encourage you to request to register early. A current list of available courses is available on the Options website (www.options.ecu.edu) by selecting “What courses are offered”

Fall Registration
Beginning on March 22nd, with fall 2007 registration, ECU will be implementing the new Banner registration process.

What is Banner?
Banner is a higher education software system that enables students to easily access educational information and register for classes in a whole new way. Check the ECU Banner website at www.thisisbanner.com regularly for updates as we transition to this new and improved software system.

Information you will find on the thisisbanner.com website includes:

How Do I Look Up Classes?
How Do I Register For Classes?
Helpful Resources

Most DE students will now be able to register online via OneStop; some students will continue to be registered through their department.  Undergraduate students will be assigned a registration pin number that will allow you to complete online registration. Graduate students will not be required to have a pin number for registration. Classes fill quickly so we encourage you to register early. 

New Registration Process:
Step 1:
Login to OneStop (www.onestop.ecu.edu) with PirateID and Passphrase and select the Banner link from Tools page.

Step 2: Select the Student and Financial Aid link then Select the Registration link.

Step 3: Select the Add or Drop Classes link. Enter your Registration PIN (Add “0” in front of your 5 digit code that you received from advisor), select correct term, and select the Class Search link to look for courses. Graduate students will not be required to have a pin number for registration.

Step 4: Choose the subject for which you are looking. You can choose to enter a course number, choose instructional method, instructor, time and/or day. Make sure you choose DE/Internet as the Campus attribute.

Step 5: Once you have entered your information, select the Class Search link at the bottom. This returns a list of all courses meeting the criterion you entered. Select the section you want by checking the box next to that section.

Step 6: After checking the appropriate section, scroll to the bottom and select the Register link.

Step7: You will be taken back to your schedule to view it with the new class added. If there were any errors (pre-requisite, co-requisite, other restrictions), the error would display with your schedule and the course will not be added.

Step 8: Repeat steps 3-7 to add additional classes.

Step 9: To drop classes from your schedule page, pull the drop down menu beside the course you wish to drop and select **Web Dropped**

Step 10: At the bottom, select the Submit Changes link and the course will be removed from your schedule.