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What is Banner?
This is Banner.

Banner FAQ

Below you'll find questions that students have been asking about the new Banner system. If you don't find the answers to your question here, please send it to us at We'll be adding more information to this list so that everyone can find the answers they need with Banner.

Why Banner?

According to the Banner mission statement:

            The project is dedicated to implementing a fully integrated technology-based solution that will improve administrative processes and efficiencies and deliver animproved and expanded set of self-service applications for all ECUconstituencies.It will be the catalyst for developing a structured and managedframework for change at the University.

                        ECU Project Definition Document, March 19, 2004


What is Banner?

Banner is a higher education software system.Banner will be part of all university functions including, human resources, admissions and finance.  “Student” Banner impacts ECU students most directly and enables students more easily access educational information and register for classes in a whole new way. 


What are some of the advantages for Students in Banner?

  • No more use of social security numbers as the student ID. Students will have a Banner ID.
  • Will run on Macs.
  • When scheduling, it provides an equal playing field for on-campus and off-campus students. Students who take 100% of their classes online will now be able to register online.
  • Will run “what if” scenarios for both the current degree and any other degree/major combination the student is considering. For example, if the student is a  construction management major, but is considering switching to business  management, Banner will provide a list of courses that the student would  need for the new major.
  • Offers  more online resources and university forms.


When will Banner take effect?

  • Information and training sessions began in January.
  • Financial Aid, begins February 12.
  • Fall 2007 course registration on Banner begins March 22.  Students register during different time periods based on their completed credit hours.
  • Other capabilities will be operational as the academic year progresses.


What will I need to do to prepare for Banner?

Take advantage of the opportunities to learn about Banner before fall course registration begins.Several training sessions will be offered. Training resources have been made available online at, through advising centers, in The East Carolinian, and designated in Banner Registration computer labs on campus during the registration week of March 22 to 29th.


Who can help me?

The following people are being trained to help others with Banner:

  • Academic advisors
  • Faculty advisors
  • Departmental secretaries
  • Residence Hall Coordinators and Resident Advisors
  • Computer lab assistants
  • Student Help Desk assistants

Do I still need to see my academic advisor?

Yes, students must meet with their academic advisor before they can register for courses. The advisors review the students, degree requirements and discuss which courses you should take. After meeting with your advisor, students will receive a Registration PIN number that they will use when registering for classes in Banner.


Remember, although academic advisors serve a crucial role in helping students select courses, they provide another service to the student and that is providing academic support and guidance. The advisors are well-versed in university policies, can assist students if they are considering other majors, and serve as a referral source for personal, social or health-related issues.


Besides course registration what other records/processes can I use with Banner?

  • Financial Aid status
  • Holds on records
  • End of term grades
  • Transcript request
  • Degree evaluation (Fall 2007)
  • Course catalog
  • Enrollment verification request
  • Course and grade history


What has ECU done to prepare students for Banner? 

Comprehensive marketing and training plans were developed beginning in March 2006. The plans were put in place to make students aware of changes, provide general information about Banner and give students the tools to use Banner.


In November 2006, administrators met with several student groups including, the Student Government Association, the Residence Hall Association, the Interfraternity Council and the Panhellenic Council (sororities). Students were introduced to Banner and their input and ideas were used in the development of the marketing and training initiatives. 


Banner marketing has been seen in the form of bus posters, tv commercials, giant banners, direct emails, newspaper ads,, and more. March 21, 2007 has been designated Banner Up! Day and will include special events at Wright Plaza


Where can I find out more about Banner? will be updated weekly. You are encouraged to check it often and refer to it as you have questions about Banner.

Office of the Registrar website beginning February 2007

Advertisements in The East Carolinian