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Due Dates for Course Pack Materials

Due Dates:

Materials are due up to 8 weeks before classes begin for all copyright clearance and course pack materials.

All other materials up to 3 weeks before classes begin.

You must submit all of your materials and a complete bibliography when submitting your Course Pack requisition. If using an out-of-print book, you must turn in a complete copy of the book.

By following these deadlines, we can ensure your materials are on the shelves in time for classes. If you cannot submit your materials on or before the due date, but still wish to have a course pack produced, please let us know so that we can be better prepared when your materials arrive. We will make every effort to have your course pack on the shelves in time for the start of classes, and hope that you will work with us to do this by adhering to the deadlines.

If at any time you have questions or concerns, please contact the Course Pack Coordinator, Shirley Johnson, at 252.328.6731 or toll-free: 1.877.499.TEXT.

For instructors that had a Course Pack published in a previous term at Dowdy Student Stores, please indicate the semester published and the pages will change in your new Course Pack. This will expedite the process of producing your Course Pack as some Course Packs are saved digitally and can have minor adjustments easily made. All Course Packs must have a printing order form submitted for each packet. If you have copyrighted materials to clear in your packet, you must provide a list of the copyright information with the source of the material as listed below:

*Information that must be completed to process order

ISBN/ISSN #: __________________________

*AUTHOR/ED.: ___________________________

*PUBLISHER/COPYRIGHT HOLDER: ________________________________________________

*CHAPTER/ARTICLE: _____________________________________________________________

*© YEAR: _______

VOL/ED: _______

TOTAL # PGS. ______ 

*FROM: ______ *TO: _______


ORIGINAL SOURCE: ___________________________