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Production Tips

To Do... When Preparing your Course Pack
Make a single-sided copy for your master. Double-sided masters jam copiers easier which slows down production.

Make a clean master. Make a master without black areas around the edges, or broken type which comes from making copies of copies. Take the time to white-out dark lines and use the original article or book to make your master.

When doing paste-ups, make sure items are taped or glued down well. Loose edges tend to jam in the copier.

What Not To Do... When Preparing your Course Pack
Do not turn in masters with torn or wrinkled pages.

Do not turn in masters with stapled sections.

Do not place "sticky-notes" on masters. If you must use a "sticky-note" to identify an instruction on your master, place it so that it sticks off the page and can be easily seen.

Do not turn in masters with black areas around the edges. Use white correction fluid to spot-clean your masters.

Do not turn in masters with 19 hole or 3-hole punch sheets. If you do not have the original and must use a hold-punched copy, trim off the edge and neatly tape it to a whole sheet of paper. Realize that you will loose some clarity in the copy quality.

Use no more than three colors of paper stock per Course Pack. Copiers will hold and collate up to 3 colors. More than 3 colors requires excessive labor. If necessary, create 2 volumes for ease in identifying sections.