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Why Create a Course Pack?

On-campus sales locations at both the East Campus and the School of Medicine offer the most convenience for students. Course Packs are shelved along with textbooks for your course at the Student Stores. Many students who receive financial aid, scholarships, or veteran's benefits purchase their books at the Student Stores. When instructors require students to purchase class materials from off-campus vendors, Student Store personnel must locate and purchase these items for aid-recipients. Thus, by utilizing the Course Pack program at the Student Stores, you are making it easier for all students to access your class materials.

ECU Course Packs are affordably priced. Plus, by keeping your business on campus you are directing funds back into the University. Remember, Student Stores profits are returned to the students through scholarship programs and improvements.

Quick Reorders
Materials are printed at ECU Rapid Copy and kept on-file, some electronically, to ensure fast turnaround. With the high-speed Xerox DocuTech, Course Packs stored on the data drive can be reprinted with the touch of a button. If additional copies of your materials are requested, turnaround is typically 24 to 48 hours -- sometimes less!

Securing copyright permission can be time consuming. ECU-Dowdy Student Stores provides copyright permission service, saving you time and money. We can occasionally secure permission to reprint copyrighted material at no cost due to ECU's educational status. Any cost involved in copyright clearance is added to the cost of copying the Course Pack.

No Cost To The Department
The cost of publishing your Course Pack is divided by the number printed and paid for by each student purchasing the material. Your bound desk copy is free.