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Financial Aid Bookstore Account for Distance Education Students


Setting Up a Bookstore Account with Financial Aid or Scholarship Funds

Students can defer money to a Bookstore Account at ECU Dowdy Student Stores to pay for textbooks with financial aid or any type of scholarship.

To do this, contact the Cashier Office, located in the Old Cafeteria Complex across from Joyner Library, and ask to defer money to a bookstore account. The phone number is 252.328.6886. Please contact the Student Store for assistance with any unusual circumstances. 

For incoming freshmen, we recommend that you defer at least $400 for your books. There is no way to determine the exact cost of textbooks; however, money remaining in the account after textbooks have been charged may be held on account for charging purchases in the Student Store for up to approximately 30 days after that academic term begins.  

If you withdraw from school or are graduating, a full refund of any unused funds will be issued minus any applicable processing fees.   

If you have any problems or questions regarding your financial aid or scholarships, contact: Financial Aid Office, 252.328.6610 or the Cashier's Office, 252.328.6886.  Questions about the bookstore account can be directed to the Dowdy accounting office, toll-free, 1.877.499.TEXT.

Once your Bookstore Account has been established you can use it to purchase textbooks online through the Dowdy web site.  Note that only distance education students may use the Bookstore Account as a form of payment for online charges at this time.  Other students can use their Bookstore Account for in-store purchases.



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